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By Jerfalcon

Waking up to the sunshine and morning frost, the signs of the freezing temps glisten on the lawn. The sun hasn’t even touched the valley, darkness is settled in. First light is always the coldest. Still goodness, warmth, and life, thrives inside. The fire is so nice. Despite the fact that heating oil is double. I have faith that it will be affordable. Yeah, the times are troubling, but that just needs more trusting.

These days are shorter, but I read recently that, “The trees loose there leaves every fall, yet they stand tall!”

Winter is here in the Rockies and Great plains surrounding. But the animals don’t stress because the cold weather has forced them out of the forest. They continue their searches.

Everyday is a chance to be better, stronger, work harder. The truth is still ringing in the ear.

Do not fear! Have courage saints, these might be nearing the end of times. “Have joy in your time of waiting”

Are you afraid of the future? The Lord, Creator of the universe says, “My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts!” We must have trust. My friend Lee @vanningaintnojoke has a sticker that reminds “the future is the future” –

So why live in fear? Here’s some tips on how to keep your soul at peace.

  • You gotta have faith, my friends. Yahweh is still working on it! Emanuel means: He is with us.
  • Don’t stress, anxiety releases cortisol a very harmful hormone that causes many terrible diseases.
  • Stay warm, build a fire or cuddle up with a loved one.
  • Meditate, listen to that still small voice. Creator is always there to talk with.
  • Start a new workout routine. We are participating in the 3,000 push-ups in 30 days. (I am going to push for 10,000 in 90)
  • Turn off the tv and read. Don’t let the news and media scare you into a frenzy.
  • Journal, write new goals. Do you have a written plan for what you’d like to do today, tomorrow, next year?
  • Use this time to rest and recover. Study and learn about Jesus, our savior. His love and grace for each of us!
  • Learn a new skill that can benefit your community. Practice your new trade.
  • Finally pray.
  • Are you still frustrated about the waiting for spring? Do you prefer the rain, sun, or snow?

We in the north don’t mind the cold, it keeps us moving. Keeps us motivated and enthusiastic about the future. If you can’t stand the frost, we certainly won’t discourage you from moving. The cold air is heavy, but the warmth of a southern wind is calling.

Is there a destination you’d like to vacation?

You are not a tree, but I encourage you to keep your roots planted in the faith, love, and the goodness of the one who created you with a purpose.

Thanks for reading. More Jerfalcon adventures on YouTube, Instagram, & Ticktok to come.

PTSID as I like to call it is a chronic condition of the mind that is caused by not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Some might classify it as “Survivors guilt”. So what do I mean by PTSID? I believe that once an individual has had a traumatic injury, it changes that individuals entire reality, their actions, reactions, and daily habit choices.

When one has lived through traumatic experiences, no matter how sever, there is damage. That damage causes either issues or lessons, that arise from surviving such events.

Remind yourself: “You are loved!”

The feeling of betrayal by a loved one. The thoughts of am I “good enough”? The truth that you could have “tried harder!” Despite the achievements, disappointments and feelings of failure. Looms in the background. Whispering about Moments you missed. Never to return.

Living with the thoughts, and memories. Often painful moments in time has a direct impact on how you perceive and react to future or present events. No matter how benign the situation.

Remind yourself, “You matter, otherwise you wouldn’t be here today!”

If the event “trigger” resembles or reminds that individual of a past tramatic moment. That individuals reaction could and will be much different. than any other event that doesn’t trigger the memory.

Ask yourself, “Is this reality, or my trauma talking?”

Having had trauma in many different facets of life makes it even more difficult to “survive and thrive”. As a male, we are trained to suck it up and keep everything inside. Act like a man.

But when, our primal brain wants to protect us from harm or death. All it knows is fight or flight.

Aren’t you tired of running or fighting? Rest.

When you’ve tried to fight or fly from too many non lethal events. Because the wiring is crossed.

I know, “I’ve got my wires crossed, but what if I can’t rest?”

One begins to loose hope. One thinks that numbing the brain will help. “Alter the state” and you can keep functioning properly. Take the meds, take the drink, or something else like that. Just to get away. Every choice, over time, has its consequences. Often times, causing even bigger problems with friends, family, or the law.

There is hope still! Let me introduce you to Grace.

When the depression really sets in. Cause it does. I’ve found that we have a super heightened sense of urgency to stay on guard. That sensitivity, often hurts the ones closest to us. Our family, loved ones, and friends who ultimately just wanted to support and love us.

My Grace defined: undeserving love, and support despite our efforts to act accordingly.

What if the trauma came from a family member, or friend? Well now you’ve got a problem. You’re really going to have a hard time letting down the guard and opening up! If it came from an enemy cannonball, loss of a friend in battle. My condolences. But what if it came from someone who you loved and trusted. How do you then feel worthy again to love, and be loved by another afterwards?

So how do I cope with these feelings, and keep living a normal life?

Depression, fear, worrying, and doubt are all part of the darkness. Those lies are whispered to us from the black wolf.

My buddy and retired LEO reminded me that when I start to feel myself throwing that dark wolf, my thoughts, bones.

To “stop, breath, and count to ten. Sometimes you have to count to twenty or thirty. But the key is to limit the amount of time and energy you allow into those scraps.” Those remnants of the past. The black hole can and will consume you. If you let it.

Is there anyway out of that hole?

That’s why I referred to the lesson abut the wolves, the other is the white wolf. The one who feeds on peace and love.

My musician and falconry master friend told me, “when he is feeling his mind slip into depression. He focuses on his breathing. Breathing in Peace love and acceptance. Blowing out fear hate and rejection. Breathing in abundance, unity, and wholeness. Breathing out doubt, pain, frustration.” ~Master Keith R.

Someone should put a study on this, but I hypothesis that: “When we focus our breathing, it focuses the intellectual mind and over rides the primal cortex.” ~ Jeremy P.

When I feed the positive wolf, the other goes hungry, and wanders off. Back into the darkness.

What are some other techniques I have found helpful!

When I am able to learn more about the peace and love that Heavenly Father has for me. I’m filled with heavenly like gladness instead of sorrow.

Master Chris S. & Dale C. reminds us to acknowledge, “Yes those events happened. But are they here now. They aren’t happening today! What do I have right here and now. Are the birds chirping, is the sun shining, is the wind blowing? I take a few seconds to center and orient myself on the present day. Then breath out the frustration that I might have inside.”

There still is that primal feeling!” You say

If there is, you must remember that the only thing you can control in this life is you, your reactions, and your kindness towards others. But you must choose how YOU react.

Even if everyone else has left, and you are sitting all alone. Holy Spirit is still there besides.

What is the Holy Spirit trying to say to you right now? How can you be a better brother, sister, lover, friend? Breathing slowly, focus on your breathe and what he’s whispering inside.

Did you know the Bible tells us there is a friend in Jesus who stays closer than a brother? Read Proverbs 18:24

What are three things you can say, do to benefit a person close to you?

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭5‬:‭8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Thanks for reading, reach out of it need!

Your friend,


We celebrated the life and love of freedom gifted by death. We are gathered near the seaside to remember our fallen friend Chief Sandhawk, in a sunset flight session. Death is never easy for the living, but in Christ there is hope for future happiness after this. I give thanks for my life by soaking in the gifts and lessons of Jesus Christ, the true son of The Creator. How do you give thanks for the life you’re gifted?

Have you soaked your feet in the ocean and sands lately? Have you matched your breath to the coming and going of the waves? I’m so thankful, to be standing on both feet. To be able to walk in his grace. Two years prior I walked this beach on crutches, stumbling up and down these sands trying to regain the use of my feet.

Read “The Ordeal” previous post about my paragliding accident in this blog

Even when we don’t feel him, he’s still here working in and through us. Like the poem “footprints in the sand” when we are the weakest, going through the hardest times in our lives. Christ carries us! When we are weak, he is strong. We don’t have to walk this life alone.

I am frustrated in this world of unbelief. Am resting under his wing. When I feel tired and betrayed.

Still, I am grateful for that lift and friends. The crazy bird people to share it with.

We all have the ability to tap into the spiritual realm, we are spirit breathed to life by Creator. He wants us to connect with him. Our true nature. To walk with him and talk with him as the hymn sings. To laugh and play, to enjoy our lives and the joys of each. “Life is only for the living” they say. What about death, what joy can we have for those who’ve gone on before us? I believe we are to celebrate the passing of our fellow believers, but I grieve the passing of those who never really know the love of God.

“‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.””
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

To watch after the ones we love and see how far they’ve come. Friends don’t let another day go on without accepting the free gift of salvation told to us by the prophets of old.

Only everlasting freedoms. Freedom to go, visit revisit all of our friends and family.

As we continue this life, remember to laugh to sing, to dance. It is the simplest things, yet something happens to us to take that away.

It’s just a wave. The come and go, eb and flow. One pulls, the other pushes. Be gentle with yourself as you remember how to sing again.

“The pain of regret is far greater than the pain of perseverance.” ~Nathan Whitley~

Do not quite. Continue to show up. Continue to pray, and meditate on Gods word daily!

Your friend,



With the global energy demand about to hit an all time high. “Crisis” and talk of mass oil shortages… more production is on the lips of everyone.

But what safety measures is the oil and gas industry willing to implement; to prevent another Alaska, Gulf oil spill, or Michigan pipeline break?

Water is life my friends!

Are the engineers working on reducing the risk of “Mother Nature” throwing a Tsunami or Earthquake at them to prevent another meltdown??

All rivers flow downstream!

I was there, on South Padre Isle of Texas, when the Chevron leak happened in 2010! I saw all the massive destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, after those millions of gallons of oil; leaked into and swirled around the Gulf! It blackened the sea and beach’s, choking out the light, and killing the sea life into 2011! What security measures are the energy tycoons taking to ensure there’s not yet another Engineering disaster like the “Red Tide”, Chernobyl, Russia or Fukushima, Japan?

My perspective is I’ve beta tested some of the new “green energy” products, this movement is claiming as “viable alternatives”. Personally, I purchased multiple sets of Solar Panels and battery banks to hold a charge. Most of those panels “burned out” within 3-5 years. (Amazon purchases = 🗑) The lithium batteries stop holding a charge after 2-3 years!

Wind Turbines are faulty and very destructive to the “Bird Tribe” aka creatures of the sky. (There is rumor that painting one of the blades black helps reduce bird strikes, but what about the millions of bats?)

We need alternatives to the global energy demand, but cannot afford to keep POISIONING the earth, water, and sky just to keep the lights on. We certainly can’t go back to harvesting whale oil, but how can we ensure we don’t destroy the gifts The Creator gave to us with this earth that we call home?

The First Nations People, used the body as an example to build the cedar canoe. The ribs proved the strength and structure. While the muscles and sinus, provide flexibility. The skin provides multiple layers of protection from the elemental attacks. The vessels transport the blood and nutrients to the various organs.

What if we created pipelines that had the strength and flexibility of a blood vessel? Why do our scientists and engineers not use more examples from the natural world in their designs?

There is still time! If we want to help protect our planet and “keep the lights on”, why don’t we use the examples from the creatures and trees?

Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest!” Matt 11:28 “I will be a spring of living water!” Jeremiah 2:13

If we are to survive this crisis, why do we keep building our house on sands and broken cisterns!?!

Maybe they should design it to function like they’re leader the Dragon, pit of vipers they are!

Written from the road 2022

Jerfalcon MF, NREMT



Off in the wild blue yonder is a place few ever wander. As a hunter and eco warrior, I love exploring new places. Gathering from the bounty of the wilds. This fine morning I decided to explore the marshlands via kayak. A new and exciting addition to my hunter gather ways.

Any time one mixes water and cold winter weather some inherent risks are involved. One splash or dip in the freezing water quickly turns a nice day of exploring into struggle for survival.

Well not to give away the ending, but this day I took two swims. Having dawned three forms of weather protection via waders, neoprene gloves, and winter jacket. I hoist my shot gun and kayak over my shoulder and waded off into the cool light of the sunrise. Crossing one small river I’m feeling very good not having felt a drop of the frosty water.

Slipping my kayak into the slough and easily sliding inside I start paddling into the reeds. What creatures will I discover foraging their needs? What lies around the next turn, my mind is racing as I paddle on through the calm cold water. I hear some other shotguns startle the calm morning air, my excitement grows.

There’s a meal out here mattes and this hungry hunter is going to bring home some breakfast. Letting my excitement get the better of my experience, here in the woods and wetlands is never a good combination. One wrong slip can ruin the hunt, one ill timed stroke of the ore can scare the game, but one false step can leave you mangled, swimming, or worse.

I push those fear filled thoughts to the back of my mind; as out of the next reed, movement flash’s my eye!

“Dang a Coot!” A type of duck. “Not very sporting to shoot such a tiny creature.” I mutter. Happily watching as it half flys, half runs down the slough away from me; back to safety. The water levels have been dropping and invasive grasses taking over the flats. Resting spots for the big flocks have nearly disappeared. Hunters having to work harder and harder for a smidging of wild meat.

So deeper I paddle out in the slough. Hoping that over the next bank I will see where the wild things flew. But as I launch my float into the next estuary, I am quickly confronted with tall invasive grass called Phragmites and a dry manure infested field instead of the pristine waterway “we used to.”

Makes me really wonder what’s in store for hunters in this new age of industrialization and poor wetland management. Frustrated I turn my skid around and paddle back to the previous bank, scramble out of my boat and haul it up and over to the side in which, I had just come.

The excitement of the hunt gone, I place my foot into the tiny boat and as I launch from the shore it rolls to the side spilling my neoprene covered body, head first into the freezing drink! Gasping from the shear impact of the cold water I swim as quickly as I can back to the bank; before my waders completely fill and drag me down to a frozen watery grave.

Scrambling up to dry ground, I take a moment to thank my preparedness and quick reactions! I asses my new found dilemma, I’m only mildly wet and can feel only a small trickle of water run down my right leg to the inside of my waders. Saying a quick prayer of gratitude. I pull my now swamped kayak from the drink, remove the drain plug and drain out it’s murky contents. Drying my shotgun and cycling the action gave me a bit of comfort. Better to still have a functional weapon. But “dang it” my jacket and upper half are slowly soaking through as the cold wet of winter sinks deeper inside my layers.

“Gotta keep moving,” I tell myself, “you’ll dry out!” Not wanting to admit the hypothermia threat I’m now facing.

So back into the raft I climb slower this time; I paddle away from my near encounter with the “Lady of the lake.” Stroke after stroke I feel my body starting to quiver, out of the reeds another creature flutters. A sparrow this time not even a falcon would waste his time.

So back into the raft I climb slower this time; I paddle away from my near encounter with the “Lady of the lake.” Stroke after stroke I feel my body starting to quiver, out of the reeds another creature flutters. A sparrow this time not even a falcon would waste his time.

As I round the next bend, I look down the end of my raft and there I spied the missing piece to my craft. “Where’s the drain plug? I must have left it on the bank!” How dim witted am I, in the hurried mess to keep moving I forgot an essential part of staying afloat.

Turning around I can feel my fingers starting to tighten the wet has thoroughly sunk in now.

“Alright Jer, it’s time to go” let’s get that plug and return to home. Arriving back at my bathing point I quickly find the missing link. One last time I now have to face the drink. It’s cold unforgiving surface taunting me to try again to stay afloat. The fact that my cold shaking body needs to get out of here, driving me to take the leap.

I, “oh so carefully” try to launch and once again roll the boat! Diving right back into the icy deep. This time there was no stopping the rush of water as it swamped my kayak, waders and pulled everything I owned straight to the bottom.

Luckily I caught my shotgun before it disappears from sight, but man; what a nasty fight! Cold and shaking I pull my things from the frozen water and strip down to try and recover.

Thankfully the sun is out as my bare skin reflects its light, a cool breeze steels my breath from just beyond my sight. “How could I be this dumb,” I think. As all the blood shrinks from my limbs. I stop to shiver, a tale tale sign. I’m NOT starting to recover. I know now, it’s only a matter of time. Ringing out my soaked clothes is nearly torture, but to roll them back on. “This must be what it feels like to be dead!” Good thing I’m only half a mile from my heater and truck.

“There is definitely something wrong with my head! Why am I here? Why am I not getting along with the wetlands? Why did my kayak roll like that, it’s never done this before.” Maybe this is just God telling me, “my intention; isn’t respecting his Creation.”

I climb back into the boat and it holds me up, I slowly float back to the safety of my truck. Also wondering how the “Ice Man” enjoys this torture. Back at the starting line I’m really struggling to pull my now thousand pound skid clear of the icy, mucky, pond. An hour long shower later, my hands are no longer numb. So I put on some warm clothes and get breakfast at my favorite restaurant instead.


It’s been 3 months 9 days since my accident. Everyday I’m still in shock as to how far I’ve come since that fateful night. It’s only been 3 months but it feels like 3 years. Not being able to walk, run, jump, fly, or play with my son, pup, nor birds has been such a hard thing for me to accept. Accepting what is, over what could be is the hardest part of this whole Ordeal.

What is, is my body has changed. What is, is my ability to bare weight on my feet, ankles and legs is weakened. What is, is that my family, friends, and strangers look at me differently. The only thing that hasn’t changed is my choice. My choice on how I react to all these changes so suddenly. Even though so much is different now, so much is still the same! People look at me struggling to get a door open, or my wheel chair out of my car and offer a helping hand. Maybe out of pity, or maybe just because we all want to feel helpful, needed, important, validated. As if we actually exist for a reason. Some days that feeling is harder to grasp than others. Feelings I had even before my accident! Does the reader feel like this also? How does one grasp onto these, Feelings that uplift us rather than hurt us!

At first I fought their offers! “No thanks,” I’d reply, “I’ve got this!” Even though I could eventually get my chair out, or open the door. The smiles and moments we’d share together as I’d make my way into the store, somehow brightened both of our days. When I’d refuse their helping hands, and try to roll alone through the grass or pebbles along the shore. I’d feel so much more helpless, so much more guilt and shame, as I tried my best to carry on!

Those people that have offered their helping hands have turned out to be the best “single serving” friends of my life. I often wonder if we’ll meet again.

As I felt stronger, I had to start using my left leg leg again! The one that carried me down the hill, the one that is the only reason I’m still alive to live through this rioting hell. Every chance I can get I’m pushing my weak body to do more than it currently can. So scared that I won’t be able to use it ever again. As I feel the pain, massage out the tendons, and push against the resistance bands. I give thanks for every breath. Breathing in Creators healing energy, and out the pain that’s building inside this broken body. As frustrating as it is to know that a slight change in decision making and I wouldn’t be facing this uphill climb. Can’t waist too much time on those feelings. It’s kinda like asking why the sun rises in the East, and sets in the west. As one of my favorite speakers says, “I wouldn’t spend much time on that” Jim Rohn

If you can’t fly, run! If you can’t run, walk! If you can’t walk, crawl! But by all means we must keep moving forward!” Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

It only seems appropriate that I include his words in my struggle to survive this ordeal! Funny I’ve been trying to title this post for a while, and as I looked up the origins of this saying. The words floating through my mind. I’m even more grateful that it was Dr. King that first coined these thoughts for the human kind!

Now as I graduate from the chair, to the scooter, to the peg leg. I’m finding all new ways to strengthen my feet and legs! Yet it seems this country that we both live in, the country and world that we both Love. Is slowly tearing itself apart from the inside out. I still have yet to figure out why Creator spared me from the jaws of the lion, the trickster coyote, but I’m trying to keep hope that these days will bring about a change that Dr. King could be proud of! Those days he dreamed of when sons of both White and Black could play together without fear of reprimand from their fathers!

Everyday I hear the news of these strange days and pray that just as my legs are growing stronger, our countrymen will find ways of growing stronger together!


The creator of Heavens & Earth is a jealous King. He will not share his glory with anything.

“He is Jealous for me, he blows like a hurricane. I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of his might and mercy!”

During these many years I’ve traveled these wasted lands, mountains, forests, and sea sides. I’ve realized that no matter what I try to prepare myself for. This earth and the one who made it has different plans than I can imagine.

The winds blow and the rains come. And when they do, life doesn’t slow. All my plans and preparations seem to just get soggy, moldy, muddy, and watered down. Yet still I push on!

It’s those moments of sunshine, when everything dries, watching the steam rise. That’s when I feel his presence most oft. The cool of the morning when the fog lifts off the waters. The heat of the sun as it rises over the mountain. Cutting through the cold chill of morning, like a swift blade through a melon.

In those moments is when I know it’s ok. We’ve survived to see another day! The blessings and struggles of yesterday, hold, not a candle to the light of the rising dawn.

With The Creator, my trusty fur, and feathered friends. We press on. Keeping warm through the coldest of nights.

Are you prepared for the long winter ahead? Do you have the love of Jesus in your heart, and head?

“Let him who boasts, do so in the knowledge of God!” 2 Corinthians 10:17

Pride comes before a fall, and everything I have learned on the subject says. The prideful are those at adversity with Jehovah, The Creator of the universe.

In this life we have trials, troubles, pain, failures, and accomplishments. We can reap many rewards from our efforts. Being able to regain the use of my legs after my accident is one of my most important accomplishments, of my life.

I can’t take credit for such a feat. I can’t give credit to the physicians, nor physical therapists. Yoga teachers, acupuncture, chiropractor, or my own strength to keep getting out of bed each day. Stretching and soaking through the most painful moments.

The pills, and drugs they prescribe only give temporary relief, but when they wear off. The pain comes back with a vengeance.

Although these treatments are never in vain, it leaves my heart and mind wondering if and when it will ever end. I want to “Walk and not grow faint, run and not grow weary.” Isaiah 43 But how can I do so when suffering in agony?

Where are you my God? Where is your healing touch? Am I, Like Jacob to forever limp through this life? Until the day of my death? Though I am perplexed, I will not give up hope. Your discipline and lessons give me strength to continue. Even through these darkest of times. I know you are with me, as you were with David in his trials. Psm 23.

Dear Lord. Inspect my heart, mind, and soul. Show me when I continue to fail. Teach me your ways, so I may walk, run, and play, in your healing grace.

I’m sorry that I try so hard to do it on my own. Only through you, and your son, Jesus aka Emanuel. Do I know you are still with us.

If you’re reading this. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to fight these battles.

Your friend,


Solomon says everything in life is like a chasing after the winds. So if it all has been done before, why not ride the winds on wings like eagles? Ecc 2:11, Isaiah 40:31

My Paraglider captures the rising air and transfers it into lift. It fills my sails so nicely as it bounces and shifts. Struggling to capture those rising air currents is liken to riding a buckin bronco, or riding a wave as it crests and crashes.

Surfing the edges of air currents close to the ground is dangerous, the air is always churning, bubbling. So the question remains what if one could ride the clouds across the western skys? Would that still qualify as “chasing the wind”? Sailing as high as a cloud. I bet the views are so nice. I’ve never been above 10,000’ except inside a tin can. One with motor and wings… what do the leaves know that I don’t?

To master the art of the floating leaf, as Kregal the Eagle, world famous Paraglider pilot, so gently puts it… “fly the day, not what you “think” the air is doing!”

Much like the passage that say, “Don’t worry about the morrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own!” Matthew 6:24

Another quest begins… onward to 15,000 feet

Growing up in a broken family, is like living in a broken body. When there is unity and peace within the organism, there is function.

When pain, weakness, anger, and frustration sets in the person starts to breakdown. Much like the family group. We are only as strong as the person next to us. To drag this busted leg along my journeys is like living with a disgruntled mate.

Home is where the heart is, but what if the heart is being distracted by pain? The brain cannot connect to the feelings inside. Distracted by trying to fix the issue at foot or hand. It cannot feel anything else.

We yell because our hearts feel distant, ~Buddha~ but if all we feel is hurt and fears, we cannot feel at peace. Thus we can’t feel at home in our homes.

Jesus tells us don’t worry about the morrow, cause the day has enough to worry about itself. So then why do we get so anxious about what might happen, and not just focus on the gifts we have.

The breath in our lungs, the beat in our chest, the songs all around, and the light feeding our lives.

Are we so full of pain and fear that we cannot see the blessings of friendship, fellowship, and someone to touch and feel?

I’m doing the best I can to block out the pain and fear, and keep connection with life, love, and liberty.

Your friend,


With fuel prices nearing insanity levels, and the world falling apart around. I felt I should share an experience I recently had, camping in Lewis & Clark’s National Forest.

I pulled into this little campsite off the beaten path around midnight, not sure how I got there, but knowing where I was headed in the morn.

I flatten the seats down, lay out my Thermarest and the miniature pointer crawls in my sleeping bag to warm me feet. I shove both to the bottom of the small trunk. This should be interesting.

The night is cold and dark, bear spray and .40 cal next to where I rest. This is Grizz country. Where the Salish & Kootenai formed the great Flathead 🪶 nation once upon a time. I close my eyes and listen to the rain on the thin tin roof.

These long days out on the trapping line are hard fought and my body aches from the pain of the strain. But my soul is at peace, listening to the rain!

1 Chronicles 16 promises none shall harm as I rest. The morning is cold and damp, but by the grace of Creator, the little 4cyl starts right up. She warms me and the drink nicely.

Listening to the river and the chickadees singing of their morning tunes lifts my fearful spirits. I do not fear, but my primal brain imagines a bear. The fear of being attacked inside my car.

I am a sardine inside a tin can. Glad I’ve got my .40 around!

The clouds hang heavy with fog and the mountain’s dew. It’s like waking in an evergreen heaven. I say a little prayer of gratitude and hit the road, back on the trail.

Follow my adventures on the other platforms, @Jerfalcon on YouTube, Tictok, & Instagram

Missouri, discouragement, the feeling of despair. After hours on the road, in study, at work. I wake up feeling exhausted. The light starts to break over the mountain peak. I put the coffee on the tailgate to jet boil. That was a very long drive. The swans and geese start to sing their morning songs. The night was brutally cold. Frost still stuck to the camper windows. My bones stiff and sore. Yet the eagle flys over. The light of sunrise shoots it’s rays like arrows overhead. I need to keep studying. Keep pushing harder to learn these lessons. The morning frost is stealing my focus. Leia the setter is off to the bird races.

I reach over to ring out the stiffness in my ankles, stuck in place every morning. As the pain starts to subside the coffee starts to boil. A little for the portage, a little for the caffeine.

The river is slowly flowing, yet the sense of urgency is growing. As the frost lifts so do my spirits. The gold in the morning sky shimmering on the waves of the river. My quest for the gold and silver, shivers down me timbers. I must finish my study’s so that I can help shine that light into the missouri of peoples lives around me. Is this quest in vane: To help others on their worst day? I’m still crawling out of the worst phase of mine.

The river is slowly flowing, yet the sense of urgency is growing. As the frost lifts so do my spirits. The gold in the morning sky shimmering on the waves of the river. My quest for the gold and silver, shivers down me timbers. I must finish my study’s so that I can help shine that light into the missouri of peoples lives around me. Is this quest in vane: To help others on their worst day? I’m still crawling out of the worst phase of mine.

The Lord is my shield, and my strength. My hope in this weakness. He is the shoulder I lean on as I stumble down the bank. Rinse my face in the icy stream. Shake out the mane. Fire the motor and back to the fray!

A tale about camping at the mouth of the Missouri River April 2022’

by Jeremy Pottenger Master Falconer NREMT

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By Jeremy Pottenger

Everyday I wake up in pain. Everyday I stand on these two broken legs. I could scream and curse for my suffering seems all in vain. The pain so strong that it drives me to the brink of madness some days. Yet I still give thanks.

I give thanks for the chance to start anew each day, to right the wrongs I’ve done. To continue the fight, until the battles won. Each day is a gift, a challenge from above.

How much suffering can one endure in this life? Not nearly as much as Christs sacrifice.

I give thanks for my suffering for I know it will bring glory to the one who give the breath of life. Who rescues the lost and weary souls in this world.

I ask him everyday to take away this pain, it is my shame. My burden to carry. My lot. For doubting his strength. I lost sight. Never again will I loose hope in this life. He is my friend, father, brother, my rock in which I stand.

I give thanks for my suffering, for I know it is for his glory in the end!

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV


Throughout the Middle Ages the Gyrfalcon has always been revered as the bird of Kings.

Reserved only for the most stately of officials. Peasants like me were not allowed to keep or train these magnificent creatures.

All White, Grey, or Charcoal Black falcons that live and breed in the Arctic realms. Their size, power, and beauty keep them in the highest regard. Gyrfalcons being the Largest falcons in the world, have the size and strength to take down the largest of quarries.

Their size and strength doesn’t come without a cost. Being natives to the Arctic, their immune systems aren’t evolved to handle the microbes and disease that inhabit warmer climates or lower longitudes. Making them an ideal hunting companion for the Northern Kings.

As such their rarity, makes them very valuable to the Nobels of ancient and modern times.

The Kings of old would pay very handsomely for such creatures. In the modern world. The Sheiks of Saudi Arabia still appreciate these creatures. Willing to pay their weight in gold, for even one of these birds. However, I wonder if the sediment is lost on the other Presidents, or King’s of the northern realms. Is there a possibility of a peaceful resolution in the face of WWIII?

In ancient days, the nobels would convene and agree upon a ransom of two White Gyrfalcons, and a Chest of Gold to avoid an armed conflict or invasion. With Ukraines pleas for NATO support in their defense growing louder. I wonder, “would the Kremlin accept a resolution similar to that of old?”

Is the world so hell bent on destruction and battle that we are beyond diplomatic negotiations in these end of days?

I have two Hybrid Gyrfalcons aka poor man’s Gyr’s. I would offer them to the “King of Russia” to appease his conquest, and avoid further bloodshed!

My thoughts, hopes, and prayers go out to the peoples of Europe, and especially the Braves of Ukraine!

Written by Jeremy Pottenger, Master falconer, NREMT

Our bodies minds, lives, souls, crave balance

Stress is like an infection! An invading force into the peace inside.

Our first response is to attack, to defend, to ward off the invading force. In my EMS training we talk about compensation, the body’s ability to fight to preserve homeostasis. Ultimately without aid, or a dramatic change in environment. Removal of the invading force, our body’s exhaust and start to decompensate; tire and ultimately stop to fight.

Think of your body like a well built city of old.

It has walls and fortifications, moats and turrets, soldiers guarding the walls surrounding the city. Civilians your red blood cells, and organs, inside provide food and water to the soldiers who guard the city and defend against invading armies. Black smiths and iron workers, your lymphatic system, provide armor and stimulants to increase the soldiers strength and endurance. Your heart provides the beat, to keep everything in rhythm. When everything is in sync the city cannot be breached.

But when stress and confusion, anger and sadness creep in, your system stops working together.

Your lymph system stops producing those hormones to aid the soldiers in the battle. Plaque starts to build up in the streets slowing the food supply. Preventing the waste products from being cleaned properly. When waste products build up everyone stops wanting to go through their routines and if enough plaque and acid build up the soldiers, and citizens start to necrotize and die.

Lord forbid they don’t get sick and die. Because then, they become like the walking dead inside the city. Cancer is like a powerful flesh eating zombie. Eating every soldier that try’s to kill it. Then they duplicate and create more invincible zombies attacking from inside. That’s why ultimately nuclear charges have to be set and detonated inside the walls; to finally kill and remove them.

But as long as the system is working everyone has a home. A clean and healthy environment to call their own. It all starts with keeping the invaders outside the city walls. If the mind gets tarnished with stress, hate, anger, pain. Then the body cannot maintain.

We cannot predict what kinds of army’s will try to attack us. We cannot prevent every situation that we encounter, as we move throughout our lives and environments. But we can control what we allow through our city gates. We can control how we react! How strong our warriors and civilians are inside the walls of our own bodies, and minds.

By balancing daily exercise, making healthier food choices, and feeding our minds with positive vibes. We strengthen everything inside.

Don’t forget that Creator, the Great I Am. Made you! Made his people to be strong and courageous, to go boldly throughout our lives. No matter what wrong decisions you’ve made, it’s never too late!

Strengthen your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Read Gods word, The Holy Bible.

Exercise, train for a skill and eat good food!

Everyone deserves a peaceful home. The battles never end!

Do not fear! Operate in love while you roam!

Written on the road, by Jeremy Pottenger, NREMT

I will not fear, because the Lord is living and alive and well in this day and age.

Many times in my youth, did I doubt. Many times in my years did I wonder, what it was that I was called here to do.

The battles are raging, lines have been drawn in the sand, people say, “either you’re with us, or you’re against us!”

After years of searching these hills, fighting, cleaning, motivating, and trying to set an example for others to follow. The more I fight, the more I argue, the more I realized that it’s just part of this Life. Humans have been bred to fight. “In this life we will have troubles.” (John 16:33) Living for the Kingdom means loving more and fighting less. Trusting God to handle our troubles. Not living in a spirit of fear, but one of Peace.

Fear is at the center of our primal brain. It is there to protect us from dangerous actions, dangerous creatures, and dangerous circumstances that might take away our lives.

That’s why we built forts, walls, moats, and defenses. But Creator has told us many times, “Do Not Fear!” So I will not fear, for thou aren’t with me! (pslm 23:4)

So what is it that I fear? Knowing that the Creator of the universe has our backs? He says “do not fear those who can destroy your body, nor those who can take away your livelihood.” Fear those who destroy your soul, your future in everlasting freedom. Our future life, where there is no pain, suffering, envy, grief, or spite. What is it I fear? I fear those who can destroy mind, body, and soul.

Having lived the last 15 years with long term disabilities, having been torn, beaten, broken, and left alone to crawl out of the muck I made of my own life. Many times. All I can say is thank God, Creator lives! (Please read Romans 12:1)

Thank Goodness Jesus came to experience this life for himself. For if he ⬆️ can live this life, and over come these troubles. By Grace, so can we. Accept the free gift of Salvation (John 3:16) and remain in him who strengthens us!

“Fear not for I have overcome the world!”

Thanks for reading. ~Jerfalcon~

I am a man of the north country, every year we have winter storms, those storms bring hazards on the roads and narrow mountain passes.

Mans quest to “Tame the Rockies” brings challenges and rewards. Traveling, exploring, delivering goods and services, has proven much ease in the modern age. However the west is still very wild. Every year unexpected persons venture into these mountains, only to realize they are grossly unprepared.

Icy rain, fierce winds, thick fog, stinging blizzards, not to mean the creatures.

Wildlife still roam these mountains. Every twisting Bend in the road presents a new hazard. With the mass exodus of people from the coastal lands. Their modern wagons, although better equipped to handle the rugged terrain. Inexperience still remains.

We, men of the north country know, the rules of the land. The routes to travel and those to avoid. But these “Silicone folks” aren’t as smart as they think. And just like the 1800’s “starving pilgrims” are migrating by the thousands. Taxing our emergency services and risking the lives of those who’ve called these mountains home for decades.

So I’ve decided to try and give you some tips on how to safe passage through these lands.

  •  Check the weather report before deciding to leave your home, town, or valley.
  • Slow down! Your vehicle can only be controlled at manageable speeds.
  •  Be Prepared, have extra fuel, food, water!
  •  Bring extra winter clothing, blankets and bedding in case you’re stranded.
  • Have a plan. Tell someone where you’re going, when you’re expected to arrive, and the route you’re taking. Carry a Spot or Inreach with you as you journey!
  • Stick to the plan! If you’re detoured or the path is blocked, turn around and go home if safely possible.
  • If there’s a problem, stay calm and pray! As my sense says, “Safety lies in peace, not fear!” God knows what you need, as he does the birds of the air or the fish in the sea. “You are worth many sparrows!”
  • Don’t leave your vehicle. Help will come eventually. Your car is a shelter! It has insulation, warmth, and protection from predators. It is a much easier target for Search and Rescue to locate than a human lost wandering around the woods.
  • Stay calm, once fear enters the mind, the heart rate gets elevated, adrenaline kicks in, and your anxiety takes over. Don’t let this be your last moments on earth.
  • It’s ok to arrive late. The Peruvian bus drivers have been quoted in saying, “It’s better to arrive late in this life, than early in the next!”

In conclusion, I hope these Travel tips can help you along your journey in surviving the winter.

If you’re interested in more information feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try and respond quickly. Remember 911 is you’re friend!! Please pray and pay for our EMS providers, they’re doing the best they can!

Pastor Matt had a great sermon at The Genesis Project this morning. A message about cleaning the pallet of bitterness, grief, spite, and vengeance. How this world is so full of anx and frustration. The path forward isn’t looking through the rear view it’s looking out through the big window, the shield that protects from the prevailing winds. That shield isn’t in the form of polished glass, metal or stone. It doesn’t exist through modified genes.

It rests on the wings of Creator, the fire eternal, the faith that all things are created equal.

Like the Israelites wandering in the desert. Tired thirsty hungry and feeling like they’d be better off back in Egypt being whipped and chained if their work wasn’t pristine.

How are we today; thinking it better to be yoked to the system than being able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Pursue the life that God has intended for us. Not to live in fear and doubt and shame, but to live as teachers and warriors in strength. The strength that he gave us, when he knit us together in our mothers wombs.

Trying to find a way forward in this world is crazy, but I have faith that Creator and his son Jesus, can show us the way. Remain in faith.

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The storm has been raging,
the links in my armor, superficial.
The harder I fight, the bigger the gap!

My body badly broken, my mind weakening, my heart says go, the body says no.

Heart pumping, mind raging, back to the fray we go, into the pit of hell & despair, to raise the battle flag once more.

My team & I barely able to stand, let alone wing against the storm. The strength of the swarm overwhelming. Each of my feathered friends fighting for their lives to stay aloft.

What decision has the fates for us here?

Crushed by dozers, buried in the mud and muck, or snatched away by the eagles talons?

There is no glory to die in this place. Where fevers and radioactive waste abound.

Have we been abandoned? Where are you Heavenly Father? Where is your help in this battle?

There is no life in this place. No holiness. Only death, rot, and despair. Even the ravens have fallen victim here. 10,000 white winged gulls ravage every swipe of the dozers blade. My falcons are powerless against the swarm. My broken legs barely able to navigate the debris.

Will we die alone, fighting a war no one knows. While the gulls carry the sickness out with them

Do we return to the safety of the groomed and watered lawns of “civilization” that creates this war. Only to bury our heads under our wings, pray and wish for the change? #seperateyourwaste #compostingmatters #dontfeedthewildlife #reducereuserecycle

Insults fly like razor edged snowflakes,

Words cut deeper than the deepest freeze.

Feelings well up like massive clouds,

much like a storm cloud,

without an even release,

the razors fly like flurries in the sky.

Words are weapons that destroy the heart,

silence is a slow, torturous freeze.

Better to die by avalanche,

than the cold winters night alone.

If only we could stay warm,

through the harshest of storms.

Each needs the other to survive,

yet together is as foreign as the river.

Fast, intimidating, can drown you without care.

It’s not the flow that kills,

but the eddies, rocks, n falls.

Together is like a well built canoe,

paddling together we float.

Past the eddies, over the whirlpools,

around the rocks, over the falls.

Alone we struggle, tire, drown.

Harmony together can weather any storm.

If you’ve ever been “under the knife” you know the possibility of complication and infection is a real obstacle. Anytime the skin is broken infection and sepsis are a real concern.

At this moment I would like to explain that, I am not a Doctor. I do not have any medical degrees other than my Master Falconers license, I am completely uncertified. That being said…I have studied, fought, and won the battle of infection on many different fronts, both at home and in the field. With the Lords, plant and Modern medical sciences help!

Fighting the microbial war is not an easily won battle.

Even the best and most studied minds in medical science will tell you, they do not fully understand how the victory is made between the Immune system and the millions of microbes that Inhabit this planet. Myself, being on the frontlines of decomposition and waste disposal for the last 5 years. I have encountered millions maybe even trillions of different bacteria, viruses, and fungi…But I am getting off subject.

This is one of the scariest battles I have faced. Not because of the pandemic, bull dozers, pesticides, herbicides, but because the infection was now within my own body!

After my initial healing from my Paragliding accident:: (Read “the Ordeal” blog post on this page) I had to go back into surgery to remove the first set of hardware, pinning my right foot and holding my left shin in place.

Everything was going as expected for the first 7 days but as we neared day 8 or 9. I noticed my shin and knee were starting to swell, where the surgeon had removed the steel plate from my shin. A 6 inch incision had to be made. 10 days in, I started feeling feverish and the swelling was getting worse. So I removed the bandage and found a 1 cm wound had still not sealed and was draining puss and fluid by the minute. Having not opened the wrap since the surgery had taken place I had no idea what could have gone wrong. Being Friday evening and the follow up appointment being 5 days away I decided to change the dressing and start treating holistically at home. The next bit of this article will go through some of my protocol::

Initial application of Myrr, Patchouli, Palo Santo, lavender, lemongrass, Rosemary, Oregano, and Tea Tree oils. I mix 3-4 drops of these oils in my palm with Coconut Oil as a dilution and base. Apply liberally 2-3x daily applying new gauze and wrapping with 3m Elastic Vet wrap each time.

By combining the Coconut Oil along with “Animal Scents” essential oils blend from Young Living EO. I followed my own treatment protocols that I have developed, by reading the recommendations of other holistic healers, and discovered along the journey.

By combining the Coconut Oil along with “Animal Scents” essential oils blend from Young Living EO. I followed my own treatment protocols that I have developed, by reading the recommendations of other holistic healers, and discovered along the journey.

FYI, I have been using this combination on minor cuts on my falcon’s leg and tarsi on the wounds they received in the Landfill, for years.

But this time it’s my leg on the line.

An infection at this height, directly under the knee, could most certainly lead to amputation.

Results and recovery time will continue in the next post to follow…


It’s not the air that will kill you…

It wasn’t suicide. I keep my knives sharp. It would have been an easy way out if that was on my mind. If I had a death wish. I would leave this world behind.
I was upset at the world. I almost lost the contract.
I rescue falcons. I train them. They are my brothers. They are my guides. These winged ones. They help me make sense of the skies. Maybe they are the only thing that makes sense in this world.

The dump hires me to keep the wildlings out, by the hundreds ravens and gulls flock in, eating the toxic waste.

My falcons keep them away. But I had lost 3 of my kin, in the last couple months. 3 Raptors lost to the cause. One was hit by a semi. 2 more were killed by an unknown microbe, unknown to me, I have asked why.

They died from an illness that the best in the country, to this day, still can’t identify, still can’t tell me, what took them away!

My family tried to have me committed. They think I’m suicidal. Right when I could really use some support, I’m sitting here in a wheelchair with two broken legs and she thinks I still want to die. After all of that happened. All because I wanted to fly. They had to screw my knee and ankles back together. If I really wanted to die, I would not have keeped on fighting, I would have closed my eyes and floated away. My first goal was hydration, a mile away! The second, was 55 miles away. A bumpy dirt road, an uneven highway, a challenge most would not even accept. A mission to Arby’s, a Roast beef and curly fries, check. The final leg on approach, 40 miles with the Dr. and Pepper’s help, to the hospital was the next step.

I lost 3 birds this month. I’m feeling hopeless and lost when I park my trusty steed, my classic Silverado at the foot of the Black Knoll, out in the west desert. I would rather not say exactly where. It’s near the dump. I had barely saved my job with all the deaths this last month. Their last breaths still lingering in my mind.

I was born in the wrong time!

This is the worst age of the world to be alive. I don’t want to live in this world, this time. Not anymore. I’m not suicidal. I’m indifferent. I will go up to the top of the hill, I will shout my pain to silence, I will throw my life to the wind, like an arrow in the sky.

I will fly, to honor the fallen. For a second I will be free from these problems.
Maybe I drove too far. Maybe not far enough. Not enough people care.
This is life or death for all of us.

I’m trying to sell my regular paraglider. My instructor disagrees. Instead all I have is this miniature thing. It’s not really designed to launch like my full sized wing. So many Epic flights on both. This wing say’s “just for kiting”. We both know that’s just a warning. It’s written solely for liability. Honing those skills of the sky.

This miniature wing, a seed floating on the wind, carrying my form so high.
I must have launched it a hundred times already.

What’s one more to honor the fallen, one more shot in the sky?

1500 – plenty of time.

I feel hopeless and lost when I park my truck. I’m alone in this fight, except for Leia. A Warrior Princess, Leia is my three year old English Setter. Spotted runt of the litter.

My hawk died one month and one day ago.
I am going to honor her with a flight tonight.
I will grieve for my lost friend.

I will play my flute and watch the sun set, unto the end.

I feel the wind coming up the hill. It’s growing slower by the moment. In a few minutes, the anabatic air will turn katabatic and flow down the hill.
I need to launch before that happens.

In that still air in between, I will forward launch, taking flight from the top! Like a falcon in his stoop, I lean all the way forward, hands swept all the way behind my back! With the breaks in tow, not a single thing to slow my wing. It jumps up off the ground so fast and smooth with nothing to hinder its que. That sound the wing makes is so unique!

Like a katana expertly being unsheathed.

Running, running, diving, across the top of the plateau, until I have the speed to make this mini wing take flight. Leia will run down around the edge of the cliff. Chasing me all the way to the truck.

On my first attempt, I abort the launch. As I neared the edge I didn’t find the right footing. But not this time. My resolve, resolute. Determined, I will take flight. I reset my wing, take my heading and a deep breath. In that moment only one thing remains.

Everything else floats away. That one thing is me and my wing!

I just have to run off this ledge and then I will be flying.

But I didn’t take all into account. There was a giant boulder twenty feet out.

I got only a second of flight. That moment your feet leave the cliff. You sit back in your harness and feel the lift. But it wasn’t there this time. Not like the others. Not even a breath of drift. Not even a hint of that beautiful lift. Like a stone I dropped sitting in my harness aloft. For only a second I drift out away from the cliff. A little more speed and I would have made it. A little more lift and I would have been free. Only a moment of flight but there wasn’t even a chance of that for me tonight.

My right is the first to hit the rocks. Then the left. Crushing my hope and shin both!

I fall about 15’ feet with each ledge drop.

Tucked like a ball, I’m rolling … rolling… till my back reaches a sharp stop!

1830 – I take a deep breath!

Can I move?

Am I dead? No

I am going to die.

All my first aid training and falconry medicine take over.

How can I this be? How badly am I injured
I sit up. Take off my helmet. Unbuckle my harness.
My hand is gushing blood.

I pinched it closed, wrapping my neck guard, my buff around it.
I look down. My right leg is shaped a little funny, like a Z, or a bolt, with two kinks.

It wasn’t like that before. I really don’t think that should be there.
Clearly, my right leg is toast. I can move my left pretty well. It’s only a sprain. I think to myself. I can still move it, and the pain is muted. But the agony of my right.

The fiery pain almost puts me out of sight.

I haven’t a piece of survival gear. This isn’t right, only a hoodie over my t-shirt. Tactical pants over my long johns. No other supplies with me to help beat the night. My hiking boots are laced up, but the swelling is squeezing them so tight. My wallet, phone, and a lighter are in my pocket. My car is a distant dot on the valley floor, 2000’ below and at least half a mile to go. Maybe more. How did I miss that rock, how did I make such a simple mistake?

I drag myself thirty feet up the ledge and look over at the desert valley floor below.

A jagged rocky expanse, I further realize my folly.
I turn back and look at my glider. The pain stoping any progress.
My stiffening joints, as hope slips further from my sight.
I gather some grass while crawling. Maybe I can build a fire before it freezes tonight.

I move some rocks aside. Dig out a little bed and crumple in pain. I am staying here, forever or maybe just the night.

1945 – I can hear the motor from a bike. The biker passed by me earlier when I left the truck. There’s no way he can see me from down there, even if he thought to look up.

It’s Thursday. I need to get down, for there’s storms on the horizon, maybe forecasted two days out. I don’t remember. My mind was left somewhere before I blacked out.

I have no water. No food. No blanket. Only ID, for my family to be notified when they eventually find this fallen knight.

If I am going to survive, I need a plan. The desert is a wild place. Predatory animals roam these lands. The night is their time. A full moon lights the sky, turning every shadow into either the hunter or the hunted unknown.

It’s inhospitable to the lame and broken.

I see my blood trailing along the sharp slabs of grisly stone. There’s no hiding the blood, or the smell in this wind. A coyote howls, so close and down wind. My mind searches for a plan, a weapon to defend. Only a broken fist, a string of nylon, a bloody rag, not even a pocket knife to try to pretend.

Such a twist of fate, for this man of mountains, tamer of Falcons, laying broken and twisted, alone in the western mountains.

I’m going to die. Time ends for each of us. I need to record a message for Gage; my son he is only twelve.

Darkness fills my mind.

My bloody hand is wrapped in my buff.

I am really fucked. There’s no way to get help. I had passed out from the shock, and I now wake in the twilight.

Leia is gone. She doesn’t recognise my scent. I smell like death. I can feel him lurking in the shadows. I don’t know why I haven’t died yet.

Nobody will be searching for me. I often disappear for days at a time. This is nothing new. Nobody knows where I go. And I like it that way.

0034 –

There’s a patch of snow over there.

Maybe I can melt some in the morning.

Already overhead is the moon ¾ full.

Wait, What’s that sound?

I listen. I hold my breath…

Pad … Pad… am I dreaming? Pad … Pad…

Holy crap, there it is again. Closer this time. There is a large animal over there. Holding my breath, I feel my heartbeat coming back. Escalating.

Then a sound different from a friend.

I hear the soft lick lick lick of a cat on the snow.

I really don’t want to know, I peak outfrom under the wing.

I stare into the shadow. Staring hoping for miracle.

There he is, coat shimmering in the Moonlight. A lion, King of the Mountain standing ten feet away licking that tiny patch of snow. It raises its head a stares straight into my soul.

It’s just a tiny glider and some fine cord between me and him.
Round ears framing bright green eyes which piercing through the night.
Long tail flicking back and forth.

I stare. I pray “Thank you God!” Thank you for sending me this lion to take me home.

It is an honor to die here under the power of this beautiful creature.”

The lion stares. And I stare back. I have no strength. No way to put up a fight. In my mind I praise creator for sending such a beautiful sight. But out of my mouth,

I hear the words of introduction,

“Hey Bud” break the silence of the frosted night!

Suddenly, the lion melts from my sight.


Like liquid mercury in the moon light.

Instead, of claws and fangs delight,

Leia staggers over to my side.

In sobs and grateful prayers I hug her.

Hold her. She warms my aching soul.

At that moment I decide, I’ll make it through this night!

I have to fight. There is no easy death with honor.
Leia keeps me warm for a while.

She is my only hope here in the dark.

It’s a beautiful night.

Gorgeous colors stretch the lake across,

the flat desert sea the help of the gibbous moon.

Maybe I can sleep. Or maybe, the coyotes will find me and tear apart my feet.

Will they find me soon. I hear them. Will they eat both Leia and I like a spoon?

Dying from the teeth of a Puma. That would be valiant.

Death by the gnawing of savage, starving dogs sounds repugnant.

Each howl brings a chill closer. I am in the scent path.

Leia is my only hope

“Bark Leia” “Bark at everything.”

I can’t go anywhere. I see her dull brown eyes, which once were loving and friendly, transform into beads full of fire and grit. If only they were mirrors of my own eyes. If only I had that fierceness through the night.

Leia wakes me shivering.
It’s 0330 on my watch.
I am alone, wrapped in a paraglider. My harness is holding my back. A rock jammed in my leg, trying to pinch off the nerve. My reserve parachute is holding my head. I’m holding Leia inside the glider to block the wind and trap the precious heat.

But the breeze so frosty won’t ease the pain in my feet.
She has no collar. I left it at home the morning before. If anyone finds her, they will think she was abandoned. Here we both lay broken, twisted, and tatered.

No water, no food, how could I let this happen?

0500 – the Wasatch range glows across the rim of the basin.
The only way I can get down is to launch this glider in the uphill breeze.
I have to crawl to the edge, somehow catch the morning wind with this miniature wing. It could carry me down to the truck. With a bit of luck, it could lift me away from the rocks.

As the morning sun hits my crash site, I gather my glider up, bit by bit, increasing my Hope with each tug on the nose.

That first crawl, up the ledge fifteen feet to unhook a caught line. Almost worse than trying to stop from sliding down the mountain all night! As I’m reeling in the edges, I see all the tangles from the cold restless night. No matter, I’ve got plenty of time.

Those first movements in the light are restoring my faith in surviving this fight!

I start with the risers. It’s a giant rats nest of tiny cords. Pulling the risers through one loop after another. Each motion draws the rats nest tighter together.

Am about to die like that girl last year in Provo canyon?
They found her in the spring. Nothing but a skeleton with a broken ankle.
There’s no way JP is going down with a broken ankle.
My dad would kick my ass!
My friends will resurrect me just to kill me for being so stupid.
If JP goes down from just a broken ankle, they all would call me such a pansy.
Nobody cares though.
I have failed my mission.
The only thing deader than me now is the dead morning air. The Stillness in the dawn.

I imagine dying of dehydration.
How would that be?
Leia will die. My 3 birds in the truck will bake and die.
The 3 birds at home will scream at their peril
And 500 quail that I raised as feed will all perish.
Everybody is going to die.

I didn’t kill myself. I can’t let myself die.
On the ledge, I spread out the wing.
I might be able to do this.
Sorting the lines. If I can sort these lines.
If I can think straight.
I’m pulling risers through. It’s tangles and twists, and knots.

Besides its jagged nasty shit below me.
“I could make it worse. All it has to do is lift me. And I could slam back to earth.”
Never would I make it back to see my son.
None of my feathered friends would make it home!
Struggling, I strap my helmet to my right ankle around the heel.
It must be shattered. And my left is swollen stiff.
It’s just a sprain, I tell myself.
I have a butt. I can slide.

I have a fist wrapped in a bloody buff and one good arm.
I use the heel of my left leg. It aches. But not so much.
I am a 3 legged wolf fighting from the trap. I didn’t have to chew off my leg though.

So that’s a plus.
Instead, my pants slide up in a tight wedgy, crushing my balls anytime I move.
Under my pant legs reveals a lion chilling with a Lamb, a tattoo I had done.
I am that lamb. That Lion smiles as I push through each step. Reminding me of the mountain lion that nearly ate the two of us up higher on that steepe.
I will make it home!

The Ravens are here
Taunting me.

The Ravens are here
Taunting me.

Now they show their joy. Pure delight in my misery.
I am waiting for the wind to carry me home.

Now they show their joy. Pure delight in my misery.
I am waiting for the wind to carry me home.

They will be first, before the coyotes to discover my blood corpse. They will peck my eyes. I won’t see them pick holes through my torn clothes.

I hear them laughing.

There’s not even enough slope to glide away.

There’s not even enough slope to glide away.

The harness can be a soft cushion to lay on as I slide down this rocky terrain.
My left leg … full of pain… it’s only “sprained” I tell myself again and again!
I begin the descent.

The pain is ever-present.

I feel patches of soft dirt between stones. The crust of the earth stretched from the ancient lake bed. I find seashells and lichen. Old pieces of sea creatures, all that’s left of their dried up shells and bones.

I imagine how the water moves down this hill in the spring. The melting snow makes a trail of water, leaving small puddles of dirt.

The remnants of deer turds leaving fertilizer and making grassy spots; are kisses from my savior. My life persists between these brief pieces of softness. I am following the flow at a glacial speed.

I look ahead and I can trace where the water flows. I begin to move faster until I feel the helmet sliding against the rock. My left heel slips.

3 feet I drop. A slight mistake. Landing on both feet. I cry out with the worst pain ever imaginable.

I collapse, gasping for stillness. Leia bolts to my side. I assure her, “tiss a flesh wound” -My favorite line from Monty python!


I reach the second big rocky point. My phone is almost dead. I check for service and switch to airplane mode. Why didn’t I do that last night?

I record another selfie video to tell people my story when they find my body. There’s not much hope as I’m still so high up.

I can see hikers down there. I whistle. I shout for help.

I throw my glider into the air to get their attention but they don’t see me.

Instead my glider is rolling, rolling, rolling, bounding down the hill. It slows to the edge, pauses for a moment then down it rolls some more.

My glider is gone.

My one piece of softness.


The tears won’t even come anymore.

I reach in my pocket and discover my bandana and wrap it around my cut hand.

My buff disappeared somewhere up in the sand.

Down the hill, I can see a stick. Maybe I can splint my leg with that.
I should record this, but where’s my phone?

In panic, I stare 50’ back up the hill.

“Oh flock! It’s up on that damn rock!”

It takes more effort going up.

Going down gravity was with me.

Uphill is harder. The agony.

Pushing backwards

Tricep press

Heel, ass, palms. Heel, ass, palms

The struggle is definitely real!


I lift my legs with my hands. As long as I keep moving the pain is not so bad.
But when I stop my legs are on fire.

I start counting. 3 pushes per yard. 50 yards. 100 yards. I can’t keep count.

My brain is a wreck.

There’s Leia! There’s my phone.

I point to my phone. “Leia, Fetch the phone.”

She noses towards it. Sniffs.

She walks away. I smile. And chuckle. At least I can still laugh at her being a dog.

This is the ultimate rock climbing puzzle.
My one uninjured arm is weak and losing strength.
It’s after 1400 when I recover the glider. I can see my truck still a so far away.
I am sucking on pebbles. A trick my dad taught me to keep my saliva flowing.
The glider stopped its descent as the hillside turned to rolling nasty jagged flats.

Now I have my final push across the wasteland.
My pace is slower now. My phone is dead.

1545 – is the time on my wrist.

1620 – It’s not much further now. Leia must be exhausted. She is finding every piece of shade and soft place to lie down as she waits for me. She digs a bed right next to where I’m resting. Throwing dirt all over me.

That’s not nice I spout back, but she’s so tired she just plops down.
I have to rest frequently. I lay down on the glider in its stuff sack.
I rest my eyes and start to drift off.

I’m watching her breathe ever so slight until it seems she also has stopped breathing!

I panic. I gotta keep going.
I see the tattoo again on my broken leg. The illustration of the lion, smiling. “I got you son!” Keep fighting, you’re not just the lamb. But a lion heart you’ll become.
Hard though this struggle may be.
It encourages me.

1734 – It’s an hour before sundown. There’s so little hope.
The pain is increasing as my energy fades.
My sense of smell is returning as it’s been hours since my last cigarette.
I need sustenance.
I try testing the plants. This one is really pungent.
Like wild garlic.
And here is some Yarrow. It has a spicy smell. It’s related to the poppy.
I hold it in my cheek; a natural painkiller.

1829hrs – 24 hours into the Ordeal.

All the water, the safety gear. Hell there’s a full survival kit over there in the truck.

It must be ½ mile away still.
Scraping along. It’s not flat anymore. There’s a wash. I have to cross. Two washes . Three. I have to go down and back up.
Leia is already ahead at the truck. She’s offering no encouragement now. I hear her voice in my head complaining, “why are you taking so long” “Dad, it’s right here, I can smell the water from down here.” If only you’d stand up. You could be at the truck already. What a dumb stroke of luck!

1930hrs – My ass is torn and bruised. I can’t remember things. I black out and wake up and stuff disappears. My handkerchief is gone. The buff is long gone. I’m still bleeding. Dust and dirt is everywhere. The wedgy is so bad I can’t think straight. Or is that the pain in my legs. At least my left is only “strained”!

2020 hrs – I feel dizzy and defeated.

I can feel a presence near me. Grandpa? Justin? Casey?
I am on the deathbed and those that have passed are moving closer to me.
I have that metallic taste. I feel their arms upon me.
The ancestors are close. They’re with me. It’s peaceful.

No. I can’t go now.

The birds, the dog, my family needs me.

My Son most of all! He still needs me. Damn it!

“Turn over I hear them say!” “We’ll help you the rest of the way!” I flip over, fumbling to remove the helmet from my ankle. A lifetime passes before the helmet is on my head.

I hear guidance from beyond, “Now get on your knucks and shattered knees.”

My knee, split all the way in half. I’m not close to heaven. It’s absolute hell.
I finally roll over, buckle the helmet, attempt an army crawl and scream out as I hear a crunch in the roll.

Ok, gotta pull the feet up in the air, knees and knucks .

Fist, fist, knee, knee

Every movement is excruciating.

Suddenly, I feel weightless. They’re carrying the weight. They are Carrying me
My arms are dead

They are carrying me, dragging me through the dusty camp of broken beer bottles and shotgun shells.

It feels like there’s no weight on my legs.

All day my first goal has been to get to my truck and get water.

2130, I open the cab door to my rusty Silverado. It’s a retired King county Search and Rescue rig. The door is not low to the ground. It took all the strength I had. Now I have to stand up on that broken ankle I have? Fuk it. Just get it over with. I grab the canteen from the passenger seat. I unscrew the cap. It’s empty. Two drops dribble out. Leia laps up her reward for putting up such a chivalrous fight. But I have to say.

I carefully, lower myself back to the ground and work my way to the rear of the truck.

There’s a 5 gallon jug back right up front. Using the cargo net and my one good knee I hoist myself onto the tail gate and claim my hard fought prize! I greet Penny my GyrFalcon who’d been waiting inside. Pouring my heart into that jug.

How stupid was I to leave you behind?

I am nothing but dry, dusty bones as I take my first drink of that soothing spring water, too quickly though. I choke it back up violently. Coughing up the desert dust and sand. 27 hours I’d waited and crawled through that land. Sip. Sip. All I can do is sip slowly on this water that I have lusted after, dreamed after, chanted after. It was finally in hand.

I rinsed the blood and dust from my bones.

Starring up at the stary sky. The moon lit up the land as white as Penny’s breast n wings as she sat on her throne.

Thank you Great Spirit. Thank you Grandfather, Justin and Friends!

I say a prayer for deliverance. Grateful to have made it this far! I start the engine.

I can’t use my right leg. So I grab my falcon staff, used for training these birds.
I carefully hook the cord on the gas pedal, and rev the throttle.
This just might work.

Tucking my broken right leg under the steering wheel, I put the Chev in drive.

Gassing it with the staff.

At 20 mph, I set the cruise control, wincing with pain over every pothole.

My second goal of the day was within my sights, all I had to do was keep it steady.

Only a couple more hours bro.

You got this!

2230, I put it in park in the Arby’s drive through and make a call to the ER.

“Do you have anyone on staff tonight that can repair a compound ankle fracture?”

“Who is this?” they reply.

“A prospective customer.” I’m incredulous.

2333 3/6/2020 I rolled into the ER drop zone, and flashed my lights to get the staffs attention. A few moments and extra flashes later a guy comes out and asks how can he help me. I explain I’ve been in an accident and need help! Can you park it he asked? “Yessir” is all I replied. As I parked my truck, he wheeled me inside. We’d made it closest to home so the birds weren’t left in the desert alone!

Now a funny thing as they were taking my info… they asked a question that hadn’t crossed my mind until then. The lady at the desk asked, “So on a scale of one to ten, how much pain are you in?” I didn’t know how to answer her, 9-10…20!! It all washed over me all at once, and as I stalled with my response the gent who wheeled me in, said. “It’s ok to say 10!” Immediately I blurted out, “10!!!” And we all kinda chuckled. As they laid me on a gurney and untied my boots I said a little prayer of gratitude, thankful to a wonderful father above, morphine and people who wanted to help!

33 hours later I finally closed my eyes in relief!

The true Paragliding Crash Survival Story

by Jeremy Pottenger

Ghost Written by Isaac Amaru

~ Paraglider crawls down Mountain with two broken legs! ~ Utah 2020 ~


Why did I survive that flight!

The first surgery wasn’t so bad. Exploratory ankle viewing and sealing up the shin fracture and laceration – when I woke, I gently came back from the dream state. A very nice gal in her mid fifties. Told me this incredible story about her son finding his way in this strange and challenging world. Working for the forest service and marrying the gal of his dreams. They moved to Eden, UT after living in Northern California for some time. I really felt like I connected with this kind woman, as I slipped back and forth in and out of reality. It was quite the comfort to have that gental soul sitting next to me. An apple juice, a pain reliever, and a story of hope for a young man laying in pain!

The second surgery was not so kind. A nerve block to help when they had to realign the bones. The surgeon had to slip a plate under the skin to mold the top of my Tibia back together again. Then the ankles had to be screwed back in place with multiple screws to hold my feet in one place. Pin holes were cut and ultra sound sonic waves showed them how to rearrange my shattered feet. All this reminds me of the construction zones I once worked, re-constructing the heels of my feet. I’m sound asleep, a ventilator keeps me home.

Gas line bleeding chemicals into my nose, brain pain flowing through the nerves and then the searing pain jolts me back to reality. It hits me like the crashing oceanic waves. Two other patients waking from their procedures, a typical Wednesday afternoon in the busy ER surgical. A young boy who’d been car surfing, head wrapped in bandages. Lying next to me. I heard about him through the hustle and bustle before I went back under. Prayers for his quick recovery. Another guy who just laid there and frowned. His foot bandaged and elevated like mine. But the pain in my head. Like the worst hangover I could remember to date. Had I been drinking before this place? I must have drank enough to fill the ocean! What can I remember, why am I in so much pain! Not a feeling in my feet, just this hammering on my scalp! What day is this I wonder? How did I get here? The nurse besides me reassured me it’s perfectly normal, as she hands me two pain relievers. I black out again, the last sight was her smile!

Pain immediately floods back in as I woke again. The next few hours it subsided and those next few days weren’t so bad. My sister sitting beside my bed the whole time. I try not to flirt with the beautiful nurses and aids who floated in like angles in disguise. One named Jasmine I specifically remember caught my eye. She had such a beautiful smile as she cared for me through my sleepless nights.

Two days later it was Friday the 13th. I had interviewed with the local news but they kept displacing my story. The rumor of this plague, this deadly virus. the dreaded corona virus: covid one-nine… I text the news man saying it was the perfect time, a great night to air this fallen falconer and knights tale. A perfect Friday the 13th story. A story straight from old about falconry and knights. The honor and chivalry that must be remembered. The power of will to stand together and never surrender.

The best part was they opened the 6 o’clock evening spot with a story of family, community, and calling for us to stand together against the virus. After a few basic updates from the governor and president they actually played a few stories of hope. There was a goose who was attacked by a raccoon and had his beak chewed up – as an act of good will for wildlife rehabilitation. A few college students had 3D printed him a new bill. Happiest goose in the Gaggle, now. I can’t recall the other two stories amongst the advertisements and ramble. Then by 6:45 I was starting to loose hope. My sister and friends had all left that morning Leaving me to recover alone.

When, at the very end of another long segment about the sickness plaguing the community, a short teaser about my pup and my survival story. Hope renewed, the next few minutes were the longest I’d waited. But the pain I was to endure that evening was almost not worth the 2 min story they allowed me in their station. The hope that my boy had seen my story and knew how hard I’d fought to get home to him was not lost. The news man, who initially delayed this story of hope, had at very last shared my paraglider crash survival story.

Paraglider crawls down mountain with two broken legs – True story, that’s me!

My story of salvation and hope. Where Christ had carried me. Reminding me of my struggle of pure determination, will power, faith, and fathers love. Telling the world how, I had been carried down the mountain by the Heavenly Father above!

The evening that followed, the nerve block wore off. I was taken back into the 13th century, back to my brothers, ancestors, grandfathers, knights. Back to the days when they to felt the flames, tied to the poles and fires lit. Literally being burned alive, to substantiate the fear of the unknown! The fire took so many innocent lives. The licking up their skin like knives. Those dark and dreadful nights! Faced with charges of hearacy and disloyalties, alike. The Pope and Bishops, accused. The Templar Knights of old, I was transported back to where they to made their final stand. When I finally woke, sweating cold, legs on fire, dreaming I was back strapped to that pire. An internal nightmare. Hospital bed, and monitors all around. But the Realest part was actually feeling the flames lick up my feet and legs. Burning sensations that would not end. As I lay helpless in that hospital bed. I passed out and was immediately transported back to that dreadful day in thirteen o’ seven. As if the purifying fires were sealing my joints. I pictured angles from heaven forging my ankles back together. My dreams went from agony and pain to blissful desire. Sirens and angels slid alongside my bed. Twisting around my legs. taking care of my every desire. I woke from the torment, pain, and ecstasy. Delirious from the dreams. The pain and loneliness immediately set in. Is this why I’m still here? To be tormented again? The human experience is all they whispered back again. As they formed shackles of golden lead, and fused them with light around my shattered legs.

This must be what it’s like for my brothers in flight. The day we capture them from the cold of night. I could only imagine what the knights of old had endured. What thoughts fly through the mind of the hawk when he is trapped! A small fraction of the pain they suffered. A small fraction of the fear they endured.

Then with wings folded so tight, I spotted from below, a mighty streak of light. With a flash of his sword the chains were broke and the voice of an angle swiftly spoke. You’re not suffering in vain, for you’ll soon be out of this pain. So much pain you’ve caused, with your reckless actions but now with these ankles of iron it will forge you in a new direction. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, for the truth of what you’re going through is found somewhere inside. The voice of what your ancestors endured. They didn’t die in vain, their tale lives on today! The battle of gods, of eagles and angels. History has passed on their lessons through these historical events.

Will you stay and be their servants? They asked me

Just don’t get caught slippin, thinking that you are here of your own free will. You were spared from the ravens and coyotes to help your fellow humans. The eagles and wolves will only suffer if you don’t start speaking to them in ways they will understand. I begged and pleaded him, to let me go home. To lend me his wings so I could be feather home. But the weight of the titanium anchored me here. If only I’d left before the surgery. If only I’d left before the cuff. Now crawling around on the ground and dust. I do not want this cup. But as I’ve been instructed, I will continue akin. For the Silent Knight is my choice my brother my right.

I delayed in this tale, and now the second earth quake has struck.

What will be brought with the 3rd Earthquake, will we survive the next waves 🌊?

These nights ahead are already filled with dread. The only hope I see is by fasting and prayer. As a community of believers we must pray and take precautions if we are to survive the next days/seasons without Revelation truly ushering in the final days!

Written and self published by Jeremy Pottenger

Overlooking the valley below,

the sun falling slow across the horizon.

Staring straight out into “the void”.

All my senses high-tended. Sight, smell, ground, air and sound. Every rustle in the grass, every whisper on the wind.

The subtle smells of Yarrow and Sage.

The distant salt lake shimmering like diamonds in the salty sand. The lark and chukkar are singing their evening sound.

What is real? What is the void? The Buddhist says, not to try and nail a peg in the sky! – but what is this peg, what is this sky, is there a way to shoot an arrow straight out, would it to stay in sky?

I feel as though I can grab it.

Even for just a secont.

My wing touches it, her color caresses it.

the fletching grasps at, trying to control it.

What freedom I could gain if only for a secont.

For only a moment the arrow hangs there.

So high into the sky.

What if I wrote it in a note.

Tied it tight, plucked the note, and let it fly.

Would it reach the creator,

would it peg the sky?

What am I doing up here? Why don’t I share this with someone; why do I hide it deep inside? Is there no one to listen? Not one to discuss the terrain, the whispers on the wind, and thoughts blowing in the mind.

Only silence answers, from the void, only silence calls as I send my thought to the wind.

Why am I hear I ask the breeze.

Why am I back at these front lines.

Is there no one else to patrol these lines.

So many of my friends had not returned,

yet the corporate man says either you;

or someone else until the end!

The battle between birds and man will never end, we will never win in this battle of rotten flesh and those who ride the winds.

There will always be something the human throws in the bin, there will always be a bone or something that gets in there in the end!

The sea of trash, the untreated waste, the “hu-manure” that’s a brine of yuck the birds munch and we can’t defend.

I feel I’ve lost my mission, even though I’ve pulled myself back up, time and time again. Fastened our boot straps, wrapped those plates over our shins. We’ve gone back to where the battle begins.

My brothers, friends, feathered warriors all tried to defend.

I stare out into that void.

That void I’d watched and launched a feathered friend. I remember the way their wings shimmer as they send.

A mile above the final resting place of the White Saker “Juno the Ice Queen” Who just the week before caught a cloud and rode it till the end.

Five thousand feet and five miles she surfed that wave.

Out of sight, miles away I thought she landed silently, softly in the safety of the deserts warmth. Somehow, she chose the highway instead of the natural world.

She waited poorly camafloged against the asphalt floor. The driver of the truck wracked up another 15 points for striking the Queen of the Dump.

Miles I’ve hiked to get to this point, years I’ve worked to get to this height.

“Guardians of the Garbage, Eco-warriors, Earth Protectors” I call our creed. A team of Falcons and Hawks, a stubborn young knight, a English Setter make up the “Shepards of the Sky”, SkyPatrol, the Falcons of Light

In all reality we are just a sad team of misfits who pretend to make a difference by patrolling the sky’s, keeping the wildlings from standing, sipping the contaminated waters, running off the sides. As the microbes and toxins seek to break the waste that is our poorly managed dump.

Haze and harass is our mission our plight.

To “Re-educate” the Ravens and Gulls, to teach them that this is a terrible place to get full and take flight

Now, Sitting high above this harsh desert land, this place drying of life, only sand.

I unfold my wing and take my final stand.

A leap of faith, a dash across the granite, freeing myself from this desert, pollution, and land… I pluck my arrow and send it, flying, high above the rock, gravel, rubbish, and sand!

Sitting here for lunch in Big Sur, the redwood forest south of Monterey, CA.  Redwood trees all around as is so much beauty and life.

Two wolves sleeping in the truck and fresh air fills my lungs as I await my coffee along the break. So much wind blowing from the north urging me to stay.  Birds swarming the beaches as tourists and people flock to the ocean. Crops growing and plenty of work near that could easily sustain the need for falcons to fly and devote. But something is calling me inland.

Fires threaten as summer sparks off. The news reports that War is on the brink. And we feel the earth answering back. Volcanoes erupt, waves crash, and the wind howls in the days leading up to Cinco de Mayo 2018.  

We love this land and have covered almost every inch with people and their toys.

Toys of sport and toys of war. But where is the room for the birds and the sea?

They understand that the wind is always blowing, swirling, as one front moves through another pushes from behind. The force in this place is strong and most will never fully understand. Life is such a wonderful thing but the fire is all consuming. Always hungry and never ceasing, consuming all life in its search  of fuel.

How mighty the redwood how deep its roots grow. Connected energetically to one another, a grove it becomes. They speak to each other support each other and protect one another from the harsh changes the earth is constantly making. As much as that connection. As powerful as it may be it can not withstand the burning ember.  The flames lick up the bark. Burning the fronds consuming leaf, moss, and fern alike. As the scars of the past show on the skin, how much stronger than when the trial begins. We all love these places. We must protect these places. 

A blue bird flickers softly above waiting for a scrap of food to drop from a customers plate. He used to forage the forest floor, now he forages the neatly cropped redwood deck of the restaurant below. Constantly searching for that next morsel to drop so that he can feed his family, but all that is left of the seeds he once ate, are the crumbs we mantel. How long must he wait, while his family grows weary? How long until there’s seeds aplenty? He sings his song hoping for a tip, just a snip of a fry, a crumb of pie, but nothing falls from the plate, no one even hears his cry. If only they knew how hard he tries to sing his song for only a seed or a fry.

What if we could hear them, the whispers they sing, the soft gentle rustle of the leaf. How many would listen or would it fall to the deaf?

Is it only when the ember has lit, will we realize the forest floor is knit?

Sitting by the Crystal fire::

As I sit besides my brothers crystal fire, cutting through the still morning air. I can not help but wonder what life would be like with out the elements. To only have one constant source for all our needs. If we didn’t have the changing of the seasons, the eb and flow of nature, in all its harshness and beauty. Like the chill frost in the air of fall, or the crisp winter air, that freezes everything it touches in the night of winter. The warm melt of spring. The cool dew of summer. To only have one constant season, hot n dry, or wet n muggy… how boring life would be.

To feel the seasons change is like the feel of a warm cup of coffee. The heat of a fire or stove in the cold of winter, is like nothing else. Without the elements, earth, wind, water, fire … what would this life offer? Each have their place around us. As humans we have learned to harness a small portion of their power. But the true master lies unseen. Spanning all space and time, what knowledge could have created these beautiful things? From the evaporation of the forest rain, to turn into clouds, only to spread the moisture elsewhere. Or the fire coming in the heat of summer, that burns off the old, allowing space for the young. The earth that we all tread on, that gives home for everything, big or small, root or pad. And the Air that flows unseen across it all. How would life be without even one?

The answer terrifies me, but excites me, into finding ways to nourish each. Protecting their power is what is needed in this world, but also knowing that we are at their mercy. In the search for meaning, do we just continue to tread ignorantly towards destruction, or do we tap one another on the shoulder and say, “Hey, would you look at that!” Beautiful places all around!  A simple pause for just a moment from our busy lives. Really look at the forces at play. For each is calling and each has its roll.

Today can be that day, for yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is unseen. Enjoy each moment as it flys by, and try and make the right choice for the path you want. For each step takes us in a new direction or carries us blindly down the same path. The choice is yours, ours, as a whole. We are not trapped inside our lives but we are all capable of more. Picking up our trash, buying less packaged goods, and filtering our own water, instead of using more and more of the bottles. We to have a choice. The elements need our help, and we need the elements. If only one of these resources vanish, life will not continue. Slow the flow, reduce our consumption, and allow the cycles to continue by protecting the precious water and trees. We all have a choice of where we spend our lives work, our time, and each either fuel the destructive beasts, or nourish the lives that sustain us.



Mornings in the Fog (Lake Cascade)

~Written by Jeremy Pottenger~

Why do we fear the unknown?

A fog has settled in over the valley of Lake Cascade, blocking out the view of the mountains around. Somehow not being able to see all the way to the edge of our sight, makes for a bit of anxiety. Anxiety that something lurks in the fog that might surprise us, hurt us, take something away. Is it instinctual? Is it just fear based thoughts that make us wonder what’s coming next? Create a worse case outcome, even though nothing is sparking those thoughts. How do we stop those negative thoughts turning into actions?

The morning passage states “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7-9

I swear these morning scriptures are so spot on, random as they are.. Funny, though, as I write this I look out into the fog over the lake and watch the Mallards, Coots, and Cormorants gently float along without a care. Going about their daily search for food even though, they cannot see through the blanket of mist. They have a confidence in it. One that I cannot explain. Do they not fear the fox prowling along the bank, or the eagle flying above? They could pounce through the fog without warning, and yet these water birds do not exhibit a single sign of fear. Should we look at the blanket as a source of fear and doubt, or one of protection?

“The mist obscures the vision, but hides the body in its watery bosoms.”

Why then do we fear it, is it not nice to just focus on the here and now? The frond of evergreen, the blade of grasses right in front of us. Instead of the vast landscape all around. So often I feel like the road is so long, so many miles all around to explore. And yet mornings like these help me to focus on the tasks at hand.

Doing what we should do when we should do it is what builds character. Characters come in all shapes and sizes. What are the best characteristics that a Person should have? What are the worst?

There is a term handed down in the Bible, one called Righteousness. Does this mean that one who is Righteous is a do good-er a holy person? One who is a devout follower of the words in the book, or one who does what they should do, whether they want to or not…

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 5:8

Do we not live in a modern age of plenty? One that provides us all the safety shelter and resources that we could possibly ever need? Why then do we allow the fog to bring anxiety?

Is it only our primal instincts that create in us the fear of the unknown? When the fog comes, should we not appreciate the relief that the shroud allows? So often I find myself full of fear and anxiety, because of a lack of money, security, or knowing where the path turns ahead. I let the remorse of the past creep in like a crouching feline, I know he’s there, watching waiting. I can’t seem to shake his stare.

Yet the message from the father is one of the Raven. Does the Raven spend every second of the day worrying about where his next meal comes from, or what clothes he will wear tomorrow? No, in my experience he plays most of the day, ringing high into the sky. Riding the ever changing breeze. Always keeping a watchful eye on the ground for a tasty morsel to be dropped, or a seed to ripen on the tree. Feeling the unseen breeze he rises above mother tera. The fear of the next moments, he cares not. Can we not take a lesson from these masters of the sky? The tallest peaks in the world, totally void of all trees, seemingly all life, and yet there you will find the raven and his friends. Cueing and cawing as they ride the lift, all the way to the top. Even though they are mischievous, they exhibit a level of intelligence above most of the other species. Why don’t we take more lessons from them? Can we not too, let go of fear and anxiety in these unknown times, and trust that the Spirit and the Father have us shrouded under their wings?

“Fear not for I have overcome the world.” ~John 16:33~

Is another of his messages, it is my daily struggles to let go of the doubt that shrouds the vision and to just allow his love to guide me in the right path. Ever vigilant of the tasks at hand, yet ever hopeful for the blessings he has in store.

JP written October 24, 2018

Ogden Nature Center: impacts and hope for nature’s future

Ogden, UT

The Ogden Nature Center is located in the heart of Northern Utah, who’s mission is to bring people back to harmony with Nature. Their belief is by educating the public, about to the necessity of cohabiting and bringing people closer to nature. We each can do our part, to make the natural world better.

Founded 1975, the Nature Center offers 152 acres set aside by Ogden city as a Nature Preserve, that offers the community a great Resource “where people can go to enjoy and learn about the natural world.” Pioneered by Jack Wrensil, Jack Green and many others together they started the Center that is still today designated as a non profit nature preserve today.

During WWII the land was used as a military transfer station. Where evidence of Old military bunkers and storage facilities still litter the grounds. Now reclaimed by nature. These bunkers can scarcely be seen along the nature trails as one walks through the Preserve. There is even an old farm house that still stands where an attempt was made to farm the land after the war. After falling to disuse, the city made the valuable decision, for the community, to turn the land into Utah’s first Nature Preserve.

What challenges does he the Center face today? Even after being established as a Nature Preserve. Whoever, the land is always under threat of development, for modern “Progress”. As the city is under constant pressure from Manufacturers to make space available for new manufacturing plants. Thankfully the leasing rights and support from the community is providing them protection for the time being.

What are the Centers Hopes and Goals for the future? The staff at the Ogden Nature center are very proud of the impact they have on young lives through the educational field trips, community outreach programs and the impact their efforts make on the natural world. Reaching the lives of nearly 50,000 young people every year!

Bryce and his friend, “Des Ta Te,” the Bald Eagle are ambassadors for nature. Through their Eagle Scout programs, school field trips, daily visitors to the center, and children’s book (My friend Des Ta Te, by Bryce Larry King) Their message to the community and world is very valuable, and simple.

Mr. King says, “Every animal has a personality and a spirit, maybe not human, but a spirit nonetheless. If we respect our wild animals in their natural environment, they will show you just how strong they are. Each one has a family, a story, and each makes an impact for their environment. By observing them instead of destroying them, they will show you their spirits.”

In the future, the plan is to incorporate an all natural playground for the students and visitors to enjoy during their visit. Even revamping some of the grounds as a multi-environment recreation area. A section for Desert, Wetlands, and high mountain habitat. Their hope is to show just how important every environment in Utah is, and the ways each one benefits the local Wildlife. Unfortunately all of these things need our support.

What can we do? The Ogden Nature Center is always in need of volunteers, to help with trail maintenance, habitat restoration, and other basic necessities to maintain the facilities. Being almost entirely privately funded through visitor fees, gift shop sales, and private donors. Donations and Visitors are the only way to sustain this beautiful Preserve.

Get involved: You contact the Ogden Nature Center for volunteer opportunities, come out and help restore the wetlands, May 3 & 4th, 2019 (Plat-A-Palooza); Fly with the Flock, Fun run, 2.5/5k for Nature May 11, 2019 (for all ages); or just walk the trails, visit all the other hawks, eagles, and owl ambassadors. Check out some of the other great events they are hosting this summer on their website.

Thank you for all your help and support in Protecting Nature and all the Education you bring to the Community of Northern Utah!

Written by:

Jeremy Pottenger – all ambassador sales and product sales give a percentage back to Centers like this. Help us:

“Get Healthy, and Help Nature”

An Anchor on the Winds.

Wind anchors, are usually lines of rope tied to an immovable object.

A Sail, is a device anchored to a raft, boat, or other floatation device to capture the power of the passing breeze.

In skydiving and base jumping an anchor is deployed behind the pilot, called a Drogue. Which is essentially a bag that is first deployed to stabilize the pilot in free fall which has a dual purpose in assisting his/her parachute to properly open.

A Sea Anchor is deployed from a survival raft to anchor it with the ocean currents beneath helping maintain a steady course.

Without the anchor our travel would be sporadic and limited, at best. At any moment vulnerable to loose control of the direction of travel, becoming lost amongst the winds and the sea. Tossed in every direction but the destination we originally plotted out.

Humans have used bags and Anchors for many purposes throughout the years. We love our totes and pockets, wings, sails, boats, planes, and cars! But my question is, what are we filling them with, and what are we leaving behind? Are we leaving valuable items to just float away without an anchor?

Grocery bags for example, are great for carrying items from your cart to your home, but when you see them floating on the breeze they become an open invitation to fill them back up with the valuables we left behind, like trash and litter!

As we continue down the journey of life, our daily routines, what anchor do we use to keep us from floating off the path?

An empty bag is easily blown into the sky, tossed around to and fro, but a bag full of possibilities has potential. In our manufacturing sciences we’ve created a million possibilities for containers to be used in transporting items, but what else can those containers be recycled into?

My friend at Recology brought this question to me one morning, asking, “Think about it. What can this discarded item be turned into?” The answer has eluded me for a long while now.

Can a bag only be turned back into a bag? Can a box only be turned back into a box? A bottle, only remain a bottle? What are the other possibilities for these items?

Take earth ships in Arizona for example… tires, bottles, glass windows, and concrete. Together they create a sustainable zero waste microsystem large enough to support a family where no real resources exit. Very little rainfall on an annual basis, not enough to support a garden or a stable population of wildlife, and yet if you take a tour of one of these home pods… there is life flourishing within its artificial green house. By reusing discarded items these people have found a way to live in one of the most in hospitable places on earth. The Desert.

What about those living in the dense rainforest, how do they anchor themselves their homes, and their families through the  hurricane storms? Could our recyclables be used to weather the storms around the sea and humidity better than the conventional stick homes of the past?

Are there young minds are out there willing to take on the challenge, of reusing our current materials to create more sustainable durable housing? Cleaner containers for our food and storage needs? And is there a better use for these materials we’ve mined than just burying them back into the ground? Why allow them to go to waste? Are their safe ways we can further utilize their potential energy, instead of letting it go to waste?

How can we further anchor these young minds, and materials. I believe our futures depend on developments in manufacturing, and habits at home.

My Dream would be that if we could Anchor our homes, habits, and lives on that which Creator wanted for us! Goals of:

Healthy Lifestyles, Communities, full of Creativity, and Love. But still focused on Cohesiveness with our Environments.

Seek peace and cohesion not war and destruction.

And as a reminder for all of us this Sunday a passage from the letter to the Roman church of old:

We are more than Conquerors!

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:31‬ ‭NIV‬‬

“Get Healthy, Help Nature”


A little about me, My Name is Jeremy Pottenger. I am a Relative of Dr. Pottenger, from the Pottenger Cats Studies. He is the man responsible for studying the effects of processed food on the body and his results helped shape the modern age of Nutritional facts. His other efforts in natural medicine from the early 1900’s have been published in many medical journals. It is my mission to helped continue his efforts in Natural medicine awareness.

I am a Falconer by hobby, and trade. in other words, I train and work with live birds of prey, or Raptors. Over the past 9 years of traveling the country and providing protection for Orchards, Vineyards, Refineries, and Composting facilities. I have noticed a huge problem that is affecting every living thing on this planet. From Bird to bee, fish to flee, fur to feather, and skin alike. We are all on a path towards being over run with waste. Toxic waste… (to be continued)

What if I told you that no matter where you’re at, inside a real prison or inside a imaginary one, God gives every man, woman, child freedom!

Being a 30 year old in this world is not easy. I’ve been incarcerated for drinking and partying with people, I really had no business even going out with or associating with. I’ve traveled and worked and seen the most beautiful wonders of the natural world. I’ve played saint and devils advocate in so many peoples lives, I’ve lost count. But no matter where I go, whom I’m adventuring with. Or where we travel “I still have myself to talk with, and deal with at the end of the day.” Wisdom a wise man once shared.

I had been living entirely by myself, for myself for 7 years. Even though I had a girlfriend, a son, a good home, and job. I was only living to sustain those things. Nothing was wrong, but nothing as right either.

In the quest to setup the “perfect life” I drove everyone mad around me, including myself. Striving for perfection isn’t achievable. Yes it’s nice when everything goes to plan. But what do you do, when the plans fell through? How did you react when things don’t go “my way”?

I felt that it was my way or the highway, and ultimately when my way didn’t work. I chose the highway. Chose a life going from one town to the next. Chasing one big wave, smooth wind, mountain peak or sunset. If there was an opportunity to make some silver, the legal way. I went chasing it.

No one could live up to the standards I had. So I stopped asking anyone to join me. I stopped dating. Eventually, I had all these friends and acquaintances to do fun things with. But at the end of the day it was still just me and my selfishness.

Selfishness is a tricky thing, because you only need or want self. But what if you get everything you want all the time? Does that lead to a satisfied existence? Starting a new business, buying more stuff will that make me happy? Maybe it does for a second, a minute, an hour. Still you can’t chase every dream. You can’t buy everything. One only has so much time. What good is life without someone to share it with?

Selfishness is like that prison I mentioned. It’s a trap, a one way door that only you can go through. It leads to another and another and eventually you find yourself in this room full of treasure but are too afraid to loose it. So you hide away with it, not allowing anyone in. The fear they may take it away.

Reminds me of the tales of the captain, who killed his crew after burying the treasure. Dead men tell no tales right? What do you think happened to the captain after he killed the crew and was the richest pirate in the lands?

He probably built himself a castle, hired guards to protect himself. Locked behind all those walls, moats and fortifications. He still had to go to sleep with his thoughts every night.

Do you think he dreamed about his mates?

All their faces and adventures they had together. Treasure hunting. Sailing the seas. Battling the storms. Together they could face any foes. They were strongest as a crew, a team. They were young, unified, and strong. No one could defeat them as long as they were a crew.

Esprit De Corpse, an old military term, known to insight unity and bonding. The troop working towards a common goal. They had each other’s back. Bonded in brotherhood.

When they were united, no one could defeat them, but once they found the gold. Killed the competition and were filthy rich. They started to quarrel. Who got the captains share? Was the crew shorted? What would each man do with his cut of the booty?

Would they buy some land, start a family, a new life? Or would they keep searching for more lute? Fame and glory are all just fables. Once they became the richest and most powerful pirate that sailed the seven seas; what then would he accomplish?

He’d still be trapped inside his own mind. His own selfishness. Maybe he’d share it with someone special. Maybe he’d take his treasure and spend it all in the towns. I can tell you from personal experience, good times can be bought, but long term friendship cannot.

Friendship is something that is earned. It can only be gained by being true and right. Having nobel intention. Fighting to defend one’s brother. Taking them along with you on the adventure. Yes you may quarrel, yes you will have to share the treasure. But you’ll still have each other.

Like the falcon, the dog, and the hunter. As a team, working together to achieve a successful hunt. A band of brothers fighting to win the battle. Sisters working to support the family. Mothers working to support and teach the younglings. Fathers teaching skills to the next generations. Emergency workers communicating, as a team, to save a life. Defend the weak, protect the community. That is Esprite de Corpse.

When your time comes, and you are old and frail. Can you tell yourself, “you did it all for selfish gain? For glory, fortune, or fame? Did achieve the highest level of Godly existence? Did you experience the feeling of Esprite de Corpse? Did you accomplish bonding, unity, selflessness, and community?” Or will you be cursed to rot in your own self imposed, selfish hell?


One man’s quest to why!

Did I become an Emergency Medical Tech, because I wanted to serve my fellow man? Or because I was desperate to find a new job, or something like a righteous calling?

Well if I’m being honest it was none of those.

Originally I paid the fees and joined the academy so that I could better aid my fellow pilot friends, if or when their time of need arose. But as I began my studies, I realized it’s something much deeper than that. The more I study other peoples emergencies, the more I realize I’m gaining a better understanding of my own life’s emergencies. Gaining empathy for all of our journeys.

“All of my mistakes, moving through my story, God use it for your glory!” ~Unspoken ~

We all have bad days, bad weeks, and bad moments that we endure. Studying how to help others in their times of crisis is helping me through my own! As we have all, at times lost our way. We need others to help lift us up out of the pit of despair. That pit, that will keep you down.

As a person now operating part time in the medical field I’m seeing how much value just having someone there to offer a hand, a voice, a different perspective during your own ordeals is!!

“A light in the darkest day!” A friend who can just sit with another, is that light! It’s not about what you know, or what advise you give. It’s about just being “present & pleasant!”

Everyone’s chaos is different. We all have a story about how we’ve gotten to where we are.

Some days, are certainly worse than others. So I won’t be telling you to “suck it up buttercup” because you really could be at the end of your rope. But what I want to tell you is no matter how many times life knocks you down! As long as there’s breath in your lungs, that steady drum of your heart in your ears, and light shining into your eyes. There’s hope!

The Creator who made you says, “Come to me ALL who are weary and I will give you rest!”

He is the great physician! We are just his “hands and feet!”

We as medical technicians are just aids. A helper, to keep that heart rate steady, oxygen flowing freely, and to help give them time.

The rest is up to the individual and his/her Creator to keep that fight alive, inside of them. Heaven is waiting to welcome you home if it’s your time. But if it’s not, please don’t give up!

There’s something you’ve gotta do before you return to the spirit world. We are just trying to give you that opportunity, a second chance if you will. Paul tells us that “Neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor demons can separate us from the Love of Christ!” Romans 8:38 (I encourage you to read it for yourself)

So again if you’re questioning wether to enter this fight, continuing to weather the storms of others chaos, or you’re going through your own storms. Please allow me to use my own personal accounts to encourage you to stand strong! (Continue following on Jerfalcon Adventures)

My legs are not as mighty as they once were, but my heart is still beating, my lungs are still breathing, and my mind is still set on helping.

Helping you to see even a tiny glimmer of Hope!

If you’re in the Medical, LE, Fire, or Military services. Thank you for your service! This guy really appreciates you for what you do!

My prayers are with you!

Your friend,


What is community service? Is it a punishment, or a reward? Why do judges order criminals to pay fines or to serve their community as part of their restitution for a crime? In this article I’d like to share 11 thoughts about Community Service and how we can change the perspective on the subject.

Most people would never spend an afternoon cleaning up the side of a roadway, or pulling weeds at a nursery home. Most would turn their nose up, at the thought of serving food to the less fortunate at the homeless shelter. What about walking dogs at the shelter. If you asked them to pick up a shovel and clean up a pile of horse dung at the fair grounds. Most would absolutely say no. What if I challenged you to VOLUNTARILY spend one day this month doing something like this? What benefits could you personally reciprocate from doing this?

How do you think a simple act of cleaning up a mess, a mess that you didn’t make could benefit yourself? Here’s 10 benefits you can get from serving others:

1. Attitude. Think about service as a way to gain control over your thoughts and actions. So often community service is viewed as a negative or punishment, but I challenge you to see it as a positive instead. You have the choice in how you serve. Helping others is way more powerful than hurting others.

3. Stretching. The simple act of bending down to pick up a piece of trash helps stretch your musculoskeletal system. Stretching, releases toxins stored up deep inside your muscles, tendons, and joints. If you haven’t stretched out those parts of your body recently. You could have years of stress built up inside, those toxins need to be released.

4. Rejuvenation. Spending a few extra hours outside allows your skin, hair, lungs, and eyes to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. These days most people miss out on these simple but very important building blocks of life. You might not absorb these nutrients just traveling from the house to work, home, or the store.

5. Exercise. By picking up a tool, or spoon to shovel and serve; helps activate new muscle groups you might not have ever used. It might be difficult at first, but after a few reps it gets easier and easier. Try to overcome the feelings of fatigue and gain new levels of strength.

6. Socializing. In this day and age we are all so socially connected through a screen or keyboard. However our physical communication and connections have been severely impacted. By joining a community clean up event you have a great chance to meet new and friendly people.

7. Giving back. How much of our lives do we only focus on ourselves? When we spend our time in the service of others, we have an opportunity to pay it forward.

8. Positivity. When you finish a few hours of service you will feel a mix of emotions, most likely you’ll have used up your stored energy levels. Your body will need to rest. When you sit to rest afterwards you’ll gain a new perspective, and a release of endorphins like oxytocin aka the love drug.

9. Gratification. When you finish the event or day, not only will you fulfill your duty to the people of your community, but you’ll be able to say. Look what I just did! Take a picture, post it to your page, and inspire others with your actions.

10. Improvement. When we come together to work on a service project, the goal is to improve the area, the life of another, or the community. By joining a group of other volunteers, you become a vital part of the group. Which improves the connections inside of the community.

11. Gratitude. At the end of the day, don’t forget to thank yourself, and the other members of the team. Having a sense of gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. Gratitude is second only to the feelings of love and friendship. Everyone needs a sense of purpose, and these events offer each one of us a change of pace and all the other reasons listed above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this perspective. So now that you’ve learned about 10 benefits you can personally receive. I challenge you to get outside join a group. Go volunteer for a community service project.

“Get healthy, help Nature”

Your friend,


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