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Nature Protection & Relief


Wildlife Rehabilitation Efforts are key components to the war between Nature and humans.

Without the daily efforts of the amazing folks at the Wildlife Rehab Center of Northern Utah. The Raptor Center at UC Davis in California. 2nd Chance Rehab in Price, UT, and the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo, CO. There would be no options available to help injured wildlife!

Your help, volunteers in the local community, and the donations made privately to support these sanctuaries, is necessary. Without continued funding and support, would be no place for an Eagle with a broken wing. An owl with an injured leg, or sparrow with a punctured, wounded body. Where would they receive aid? We used to act as a community, a tribe. Yet today it’s one for me, and none for all. How can we make a change?

Everyday, vehicles, house pets, windows, windmills, power lines, and poisoning claim the lives of countless victims! The few that we do see, and are able to help, would have no other option to receive care. If these people stopped providing aid to these beautiful creatures. The government deems their efforts futile and of no effect. Hence, will not allow a single dollar to be budgeted to rehabilitate injured wildlife.


The unfortunate thing is, most of the injuries come from direct encounter with the biggest powerhouses in the country.

Power companies, their un-insulated transformers, and wind farms cause more deaths to bats, falcons, hawks and eagles than any other every year. Bird strikes at airports, and poisoning from toxic runoff at the vineyards, cause more damage to migrating flocks. Study’s have shown that these human enterprises cause the most damage to wildlife than Falconry ever could.

Felines (the common house cat) in peoples back yards is a close runner up. Nowhere near as many deaths and injuries as those mentioned above.

The solution: By utilizing natural alternatives, solar panels, animal highway crossings aka land bridges, Falconry Abatement Services, non-toxic herbal alternatives, companion crops, insulating the power grid, and restricting Cat owners from free-ranging their felines (building cat weathering yards). We could actually find harmony with the wild world once more.

Until the day that all these happen. Until the day we volunteer the change. These injuries, toxic actions, and deaths will continue!

I for one request that the power companies, airline companies, and growers be required to fund the wildlife relief efforts as part of their civic duty.

If we could get even small donations and volunteers from the community each year these relief efforts can and will continue.

2021 update: A year after my accident and battle with Covid, leg infections, and regaining the strength to fly again. I applied and was accepted into the EMS academy, passed my certifications, and now am a certified Emergency Medical Technician!

So many want a way forward and so do I. This life is about trial and error. We make errors and go to trial. The first measures we should consider is the progression of society. Are we part of the problem, or solution?

Are we as a whole race, the human race benefited by these activities. Is the world getting stronger or weaker? Don’t let fear determine our future. Only God, Creator of the Universe, knows the right path forward. I pray there can be grace as we restructure the future!

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