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My Story


The year is 2020! As I look back on all the adventures. All the trials. All the successes. All the failures. I can’t help but smile. Even though I sit here in a wheel chair. Two busted up legs after a Paragliding accident that nearly took my life. “The Ordeal” crash story (link) I look back and think about all the good times leading up to today.

I’ve been paragliding and sharing on this website for nearly three years now and I’ve been working/adventuring around the country for nearly triple that.

You know what I’ve come to realize in that time?

There’s a lot of damn good people in this country! A lot of pretty rotten ones too! But for the most part the people of this day n age, want to do what’s right!


I’ve spent years of my life working along the boarder of México. Living in Corpus Christy, and McAllen, TX setting up alarm systems. Making homes safer and people smarter. Spent time in the back hills of Kentucky, and Alabama. Jogged around the stone statues of the Presidents and great men of old in D.C. Read the pages and inscriptions of the founding fathers and pondered their meanings on the opposite coast.

Buster and I in Frank Muir Woods bunker (Above)

The biggest lessons I’ve learned are right here at home, in the Great Rocky Mountains. That every stream flows downwards, and even great men stumble sometimes! This journey called life isn’t an easy one. We might not be interested in the same things. Nor believe in the same Creator of things. But sure as, a bear shits in the woods, we have one thing in common…


The air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat. All people have a right to access clean water and healthy organic goodies. So if we wanna continue to thrive on this rock, why don’t we start trying to figure it out? Why don’t we clean up this home of ours and leave it a better place we found it?

If not for us then for our grand kids and the generations to come!?!

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