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Helping Nature

I am dedicated to Giving Back and cleaning
up the Natural World!

By removing trash and litter from the river banks, wetlands, canals, trails and ponds.
Everyone can enjoy Clean Water.

2017 – A broken American flag that was found in the same evening of the Delta Canal clean ups. (Grizzly Isle Delta/Wetlands, CA.)

Join my Patreon group to help me continue to feed my family and clean the natural places we all love most!

There is a major problem in America, One that needs your help and support.


Every day more and more garbage and debris gets blown out. Thrown out or tossed out of vehicles and unsealed containers such as Garbage Bins, Transfer Stations, and Open Air Landfills. The biggest concern is that of the population who just tosses their fast food, plastic bags or beer containers out the window of their cars.


These issues having gone on since the 1950’s have been addressed every decade or so! States even started requiring deposits be charged on containers, fees for Grocery bags even now banning Plastic Straws. But until we actually listen and start Reducing our waste. Consume less “single-use items”, and Recycle/Separate our trash into the proper bins.

There is little hope for a clean Future for our children, or their children.

As a parent and friend of the natural world I feel there is no better time for each of us start doing our part. By Recycling, Reusing instead of replacing, & Reducing our use of Water, and Plastics, we too can…

“Sty Active, Help Nature”

We need to Heal the wounds of our People and Natural World first.

Through, Daily Exercise, Cooking meals at home, Replacing lost Vitamins, and Minerals; using Essential Oils, instead of quick fix pills. We can go back to the old ways, Natures Way of Relieving Stress and Anxiety.

Back to the balance that God intended for us.



By, cleansing our Bodies, Uplifting our Minds, and Feeding our Souls. There might just be a chance to survive the next 50 years on this Planet. It’s not too late, but it takes effort and contribution. Words like community, and friendship, prayer, and kindness. Love for one another. Taking Responsibility for our actions. Forgiveness…All these things that are quickly escaping us in today’s age.


However, if you’re stuck on the couch and can’t quite get Motivated, we have just the solution… let’s get you that extra pep back into your step. Eat some green food with every meal, take a good multivitamin like: Commonsense wellness, Super B&C, and Life 9 supplements to help balance the nutrients you might be missing from your diet.

You wont regret it. Mental illness is mineral deprivation. Check out my Adventures page for more blog insights.


“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from
Our Ancestors, We Borrow It from Our Children”

Last but not least is the simplest thing you can do at home to help nature the most… just like you cut your 6 pack rings apart… Cut the out the bottom of your grocery bags before you toss them… that way they don’t blow so far on the windy breeze!

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