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BGD USA & Uturn Paragliders

I’ve flown just about every style of wing since 2017, and you know what each style and discipline of freeflight offers it’s own set of rules and freedoms. Below I’ll do my best to explain my preferences and why I chose the companies I have to represent

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Both BGD & Uturn have a lot to offer the beginner to advanced pilot. Not only are they the prettiest color combinations. But safety and performance are top notch. Having taken both wings into battle with some of the most turbulent air in the west. They outperform the rest in passive safety and reliability


I transitioned from a Low B Echo to the high B Swift at the beginning of 2022 and the performance differences were immediately noticeable. But in doing so came increased risks. The Swift has a tendency to lock into spiraling. The swift climbs and glides almost as well as it’s big brother the Delta. But I found the ML to be just a bit harder to control than my M Echo. Really had to show it who’s boss. Unlike the playful nature of my BGD wings.

I’ve put two full seasons on the BGD Echo and as much as it doesn’t have the same performance as a higher aspect wing like the Base2 or Base 2light it’s reliability keeps me flying it. Can’t wait to test the Epic 2 & Echo 2 here in Utah (Review coming soon)


I’ve only recently started flying the Uturn Morpheus but I have to report it is everything my Epic is, but isn’t! Fun and responsive, playful and dynamic. Yet forgiving, when you make a mistake. Unlike the Swift from Ozone, I feel the need to always be “on top of it” where as the Morpheus is more of a chill, or carve your heart out. Certainly won’t be jumping over the Wasatch on an Acro glider. But for a fun Southside wing… I highly recommend Uturn’s mini wings! (contact me for pricing and availability)

Yes I am now a Uturn Dealer. Instructor recommendations will be required for purchase

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