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Celebrate life, death, and remembering those gone before.

We celebrated the life and love of freedom gifted by death. We are gathered near the seaside to remember our fallen friend Chief Sandhawk, in a sunset flight session. Death is never easy for the living, but in Christ there is hope for future happiness after this. I give thanks for my life by soaking in the gifts and lessons of Jesus Christ, the true son of The Creator. How do you give thanks for the life you’re gifted?

Have you soaked your feet in the ocean and sands lately? Have you matched your breath to the coming and going of the waves? I’m so thankful, to be standing on both feet. To be able to walk in his grace. Two years prior I walked this beach on crutches, stumbling up and down these sands trying to regain the use of my feet.

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Even when we don’t feel him, he’s still here working in and through us. Like the poem “footprints in the sand” when we are the weakest, going through the hardest times in our lives. Christ carries us! When we are weak, he is strong. We don’t have to walk this life alone.

I am frustrated in this world of unbelief. Am resting under his wing. When I feel tired and betrayed.

Still, I am grateful for that lift and friends. The crazy bird people to share it with.

We all have the ability to tap into the spiritual realm, we are spirit breathed to life by Creator. He wants us to connect with him. Our true nature. To walk with him and talk with him as the hymn sings. To laugh and play, to enjoy our lives and the joys of each. “Life is only for the living” they say. What about death, what joy can we have for those who’ve gone on before us? I believe we are to celebrate the passing of our fellow believers, but I grieve the passing of those who never really know the love of God.

“‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.””
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

To watch after the ones we love and see how far they’ve come. Friends don’t let another day go on without accepting the free gift of salvation told to us by the prophets of old.

Only everlasting freedoms. Freedom to go, visit revisit all of our friends and family.

As we continue this life, remember to laugh to sing, to dance. It is the simplest things, yet something happens to us to take that away.

It’s just a wave. The come and go, eb and flow. One pulls, the other pushes. Be gentle with yourself as you remember how to sing again.

“The pain of regret is far greater than the pain of perseverance.” ~Nathan Whitley~

Do not quite. Continue to show up. Continue to pray, and meditate on Gods word daily!

Your friend,



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