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Mornings in the Fog

Mornings in the Fog (Lake Cascade)

~Written by Jeremy Pottenger~

Why do we fear the unknown?

A fog has settled in over the valley of Lake Cascade, blocking out the view of the mountains around. Somehow not being able to see all the way to the edge of our sight, makes for a bit of anxiety. Anxiety that something lurks in the fog that might surprise us, hurt us, take something away. Is it instinctual? Is it just fear based thoughts that make us wonder what’s coming next? Create a worse case outcome, even though nothing is sparking those thoughts. How do we stop those negative thoughts turning into actions?

The morning passage states “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7-9

I swear these morning scriptures are so spot on, random as they are.. Funny, though, as I write this I look out into the fog over the lake and watch the Mallards, Coots, and Cormorants gently float along without a care. Going about their daily search for food even though, they cannot see through the blanket of mist. They have a confidence in it. One that I cannot explain. Do they not fear the fox prowling along the bank, or the eagle flying above? They could pounce through the fog without warning, and yet these water birds do not exhibit a single sign of fear. Should we look at the blanket as a source of fear and doubt, or one of protection?

“The mist obscures the vision, but hides the body in its watery bosoms.”

Why then do we fear it, is it not nice to just focus on the here and now? The frond of evergreen, the blade of grasses right in front of us. Instead of the vast landscape all around. So often I feel like the road is so long, so many miles all around to explore. And yet mornings like these help me to focus on the tasks at hand.

Doing what we should do when we should do it is what builds character. Characters come in all shapes and sizes. What are the best characteristics that a Person should have? What are the worst?

There is a term handed down in the Bible, one called Righteousness. Does this mean that one who is Righteous is a do good-er a holy person? One who is a devout follower of the words in the book, or one who does what they should do, whether they want to or not…

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 5:8

Do we not live in a modern age of plenty? One that provides us all the safety shelter and resources that we could possibly ever need? Why then do we allow the fog to bring anxiety?

Is it only our primal instincts that create in us the fear of the unknown? When the fog comes, should we not appreciate the relief that the shroud allows? So often I find myself full of fear and anxiety, because of a lack of money, security, or knowing where the path turns ahead. I let the remorse of the past creep in like a crouching feline, I know he’s there, watching waiting. I can’t seem to shake his stare.

Yet the message from the father is one of the Raven. Does the Raven spend every second of the day worrying about where his next meal comes from, or what clothes he will wear tomorrow? No, in my experience he plays most of the day, ringing high into the sky. Riding the ever changing breeze. Always keeping a watchful eye on the ground for a tasty morsel to be dropped, or a seed to ripen on the tree. Feeling the unseen breeze he rises above mother tera. The fear of the next moments, he cares not. Can we not take a lesson from these masters of the sky? The tallest peaks in the world, totally void of all trees, seemingly all life, and yet there you will find the raven and his friends. Cueing and cawing as they ride the lift, all the way to the top. Even though they are mischievous, they exhibit a level of intelligence above most of the other species. Why don’t we take more lessons from them? Can we not too, let go of fear and anxiety in these unknown times, and trust that the Spirit and the Father have us shrouded under their wings?

“Fear not for I have overcome the world.” ~John 16:33~

Is another of his messages, it is my daily struggles to let go of the doubt that shrouds the vision and to just allow his love to guide me in the right path. Ever vigilant of the tasks at hand, yet ever hopeful for the blessings he has in store.

JP written October 24, 2018

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