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Getting unstuck from the muck 2022

Pastor Matt had a great sermon at The Genesis Project this morning. A message about cleaning the pallet of bitterness, grief, spite, and vengeance. How this world is so full of anx and frustration. The path forward isn’t looking through the rear view it’s looking out through the big window, the shield that protects from the prevailing winds. That shield isn’t in the form of polished glass, metal or stone. It doesn’t exist through modified genes.

It rests on the wings of Creator, the fire eternal, the faith that all things are created equal.

Like the Israelites wandering in the desert. Tired thirsty hungry and feeling like they’d be better off back in Egypt being whipped and chained if their work wasn’t pristine.

How are we today; thinking it better to be yoked to the system than being able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Pursue the life that God has intended for us. Not to live in fear and doubt and shame, but to live as teachers and warriors in strength. The strength that he gave us, when he knit us together in our mothers wombs.

Trying to find a way forward in this world is crazy, but I have faith that Creator and his son Jesus, can show us the way. Remain in faith.

Follow The Genesis Project Ogden for more wisdom, encouragement, and tips on getting “Unstuck” from the muck.

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