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Finding Homeostasis in the Choas

Our bodies minds, lives, souls, crave balance

Stress is like an infection! An invading force into the peace inside.

Our first response is to attack, to defend, to ward off the invading force. In my EMS training we talk about compensation, the body’s ability to fight to preserve homeostasis. Ultimately without aid, or a dramatic change in environment. Removal of the invading force, our body’s exhaust and start to decompensate; tire and ultimately stop to fight.

Think of your body like a well built city of old.

It has walls and fortifications, moats and turrets, soldiers guarding the walls surrounding the city. Civilians your red blood cells, and organs, inside provide food and water to the soldiers who guard the city and defend against invading armies. Black smiths and iron workers, your lymphatic system, provide armor and stimulants to increase the soldiers strength and endurance. Your heart provides the beat, to keep everything in rhythm. When everything is in sync the city cannot be breached.

But when stress and confusion, anger and sadness creep in, your system stops working together.

Your lymph system stops producing those hormones to aid the soldiers in the battle. Plaque starts to build up in the streets slowing the food supply. Preventing the waste products from being cleaned properly. When waste products build up everyone stops wanting to go through their routines and if enough plaque and acid build up the soldiers, and citizens start to necrotize and die.

Lord forbid they don’t get sick and die. Because then, they become like the walking dead inside the city. Cancer is like a powerful flesh eating zombie. Eating every soldier that try’s to kill it. Then they duplicate and create more invincible zombies attacking from inside. That’s why ultimately nuclear charges have to be set and detonated inside the walls; to finally kill and remove them.

But as long as the system is working everyone has a home. A clean and healthy environment to call their own. It all starts with keeping the invaders outside the city walls. If the mind gets tarnished with stress, hate, anger, pain. Then the body cannot maintain.

We cannot predict what kinds of army’s will try to attack us. We cannot prevent every situation that we encounter, as we move throughout our lives and environments. But we can control what we allow through our city gates. We can control how we react! How strong our warriors and civilians are inside the walls of our own bodies, and minds.

By balancing daily exercise, making healthier food choices, and feeding our minds with positive vibes. We strengthen everything inside.

Don’t forget that Creator, the Great I Am. Made you! Made his people to be strong and courageous, to go boldly throughout our lives. No matter what wrong decisions you’ve made, it’s never too late!

Strengthen your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Read Gods word, The Holy Bible.

Exercise, train for a skill and eat good food!

Everyone deserves a peaceful home. The battles never end!

Do not fear! Operate in love while you roam!

Written on the road, by Jeremy Pottenger, NREMT

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