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Sitting besides the Crystal fire

Sitting by the Crystal fire::

As I sit besides my brothers crystal fire, cutting through the still morning air. I can not help but wonder what life would be like with out the elements. To only have one constant source for all our needs. If we didn’t have the changing of the seasons, the eb and flow of nature, in all its harshness and beauty. Like the chill frost in the air of fall, or the crisp winter air, that freezes everything it touches in the night of winter. The warm melt of spring. The cool dew of summer. To only have one constant season, hot n dry, or wet n muggy… how boring life would be.

To feel the seasons change is like the feel of a warm cup of coffee. The heat of a fire or stove in the cold of winter, is like nothing else. Without the elements, earth, wind, water, fire … what would this life offer? Each have their place around us. As humans we have learned to harness a small portion of their power. But the true master lies unseen. Spanning all space and time, what knowledge could have created these beautiful things? From the evaporation of the forest rain, to turn into clouds, only to spread the moisture elsewhere. Or the fire coming in the heat of summer, that burns off the old, allowing space for the young. The earth that we all tread on, that gives home for everything, big or small, root or pad. And the Air that flows unseen across it all. How would life be without even one?

The answer terrifies me, but excites me, into finding ways to nourish each. Protecting their power is what is needed in this world, but also knowing that we are at their mercy. In the search for meaning, do we just continue to tread ignorantly towards destruction, or do we tap one another on the shoulder and say, “Hey, would you look at that!” Beautiful places all around!  A simple pause for just a moment from our busy lives. Really look at the forces at play. For each is calling and each has its roll.

Today can be that day, for yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is unseen. Enjoy each moment as it flys by, and try and make the right choice for the path you want. For each step takes us in a new direction or carries us blindly down the same path. The choice is yours, ours, as a whole. We are not trapped inside our lives but we are all capable of more. Picking up our trash, buying less packaged goods, and filtering our own water, instead of using more and more of the bottles. We to have a choice. The elements need our help, and we need the elements. If only one of these resources vanish, life will not continue. Slow the flow, reduce our consumption, and allow the cycles to continue by protecting the precious water and trees. We all have a choice of where we spend our lives work, our time, and each either fuel the destructive beasts, or nourish the lives that sustain us.

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