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The long winters breadth

The creator of Heavens & Earth is a jealous King. He will not share his glory with anything.

“He is Jealous for me, he blows like a hurricane. I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of his might and mercy!”

During these many years I’ve traveled these wasted lands, mountains, forests, and sea sides. I’ve realized that no matter what I try to prepare myself for. This earth and the one who made it has different plans than I can imagine.

The winds blow and the rains come. And when they do, life doesn’t slow. All my plans and preparations seem to just get soggy, moldy, muddy, and watered down. Yet still I push on!

It’s those moments of sunshine, when everything dries, watching the steam rise. That’s when I feel his presence most oft. The cool of the morning when the fog lifts off the waters. The heat of the sun as it rises over the mountain. Cutting through the cold chill of morning, like a swift blade through a melon.

In those moments is when I know it’s ok. We’ve survived to see another day! The blessings and struggles of yesterday, hold, not a candle to the light of the rising dawn.

With The Creator, my trusty fur, and feathered friends. We press on. Keeping warm through the coldest of nights.

Are you prepared for the long winter ahead? Do you have the love of Jesus in your heart, and head?

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