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The pain that fuels me , Life, Love, Liberty.

Growing up in a broken family, is like living in a broken body. When there is unity and peace within the organism, there is function.

When pain, weakness, anger, and frustration sets in the person starts to breakdown. Much like the family group. We are only as strong as the person next to us. To drag this busted leg along my journeys is like living with a disgruntled mate.

Home is where the heart is, but what if the heart is being distracted by pain? The brain cannot connect to the feelings inside. Distracted by trying to fix the issue at foot or hand. It cannot feel anything else.

We yell because our hearts feel distant, ~Buddha~ but if all we feel is hurt and fears, we cannot feel at peace. Thus we can’t feel at home in our homes.

Jesus tells us don’t worry about the morrow, cause the day has enough to worry about itself. So then why do we get so anxious about what might happen, and not just focus on the gifts we have.

The breath in our lungs, the beat in our chest, the songs all around, and the light feeding our lives.

Are we so full of pain and fear that we cannot see the blessings of friendship, fellowship, and someone to touch and feel?

I’m doing the best I can to block out the pain and fear, and keep connection with life, love, and liberty.

Your friend,


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