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Ogden Nature Center

Ogden Nature Center: impacts and hope for nature’s future

Ogden, UT

The Ogden Nature Center is located in the heart of Northern Utah, who’s mission is to bring people back to harmony with Nature. Their belief is by educating the public, about to the necessity of cohabiting and bringing people closer to nature. We each can do our part, to make the natural world better.

Founded 1975, the Nature Center offers 152 acres set aside by Ogden city as a Nature Preserve, that offers the community a great Resource “where people can go to enjoy and learn about the natural world.” Pioneered by Jack Wrensil, Jack Green and many others together they started the Center that is still today designated as a non profit nature preserve today.

During WWII the land was used as a military transfer station. Where evidence of Old military bunkers and storage facilities still litter the grounds. Now reclaimed by nature. These bunkers can scarcely be seen along the nature trails as one walks through the Preserve. There is even an old farm house that still stands where an attempt was made to farm the land after the war. After falling to disuse, the city made the valuable decision, for the community, to turn the land into Utah’s first Nature Preserve.

What challenges does he the Center face today? Even after being established as a Nature Preserve. Whoever, the land is always under threat of development, for modern “Progress”. As the city is under constant pressure from Manufacturers to make space available for new manufacturing plants. Thankfully the leasing rights and support from the community is providing them protection for the time being.

What are the Centers Hopes and Goals for the future? The staff at the Ogden Nature center are very proud of the impact they have on young lives through the educational field trips, community outreach programs and the impact their efforts make on the natural world. Reaching the lives of nearly 50,000 young people every year!

Bryce and his friend, “Des Ta Te,” the Bald Eagle are ambassadors for nature. Through their Eagle Scout programs, school field trips, daily visitors to the center, and children’s book (My friend Des Ta Te, by Bryce Larry King) Their message to the community and world is very valuable, and simple.

Mr. King says, “Every animal has a personality and a spirit, maybe not human, but a spirit nonetheless. If we respect our wild animals in their natural environment, they will show you just how strong they are. Each one has a family, a story, and each makes an impact for their environment. By observing them instead of destroying them, they will show you their spirits.”

In the future, the plan is to incorporate an all natural playground for the students and visitors to enjoy during their visit. Even revamping some of the grounds as a multi-environment recreation area. A section for Desert, Wetlands, and high mountain habitat. Their hope is to show just how important every environment in Utah is, and the ways each one benefits the local Wildlife. Unfortunately all of these things need our support.

What can we do? The Ogden Nature Center is always in need of volunteers, to help with trail maintenance, habitat restoration, and other basic necessities to maintain the facilities. Being almost entirely privately funded through visitor fees, gift shop sales, and private donors. Donations and Visitors are the only way to sustain this beautiful Preserve.

Get involved: You contact the Ogden Nature Center for volunteer opportunities, come out and help restore the wetlands, May 3 & 4th, 2019 (Plat-A-Palooza); Fly with the Flock, Fun run, 2.5/5k for Nature May 11, 2019 (for all ages); or just walk the trails, visit all the other hawks, eagles, and owl ambassadors. Check out some of the other great events they are hosting this summer on their website.

Thank you for all your help and support in Protecting Nature and all the Education you bring to the Community of Northern Utah!

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Jeremy Pottenger – all ambassador sales and product sales give a percentage back to Centers like this. Help us:

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