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Why did I survive that flight!

The first surgery wasn’t so bad. Exploratory ankle viewing and sealing up the shin fracture and laceration – when I woke, I gently came back from the dream state. A very nice gal in her mid fifties. Told me this incredible story about her son finding his way in this strange and challenging world. Working for the forest service and marrying the gal of his dreams. They moved to Eden, UT after living in Northern California for some time. I really felt like I connected with this kind woman, as I slipped back and forth in and out of reality. It was quite the comfort to have that gental soul sitting next to me. An apple juice, a pain reliever, and a story of hope for a young man laying in pain!

The second surgery was not so kind. A nerve block to help when they had to realign the bones. The surgeon had to slip a plate under the skin to mold the top of my Tibia back together again. Then the ankles had to be screwed back in place with multiple screws to hold my feet in one place. Pin holes were cut and ultra sound sonic waves showed them how to rearrange my shattered feet. All this reminds me of the construction zones I once worked, re-constructing the heels of my feet. I’m sound asleep, a ventilator keeps me home.

Gas line bleeding chemicals into my nose, brain pain flowing through the nerves and then the searing pain jolts me back to reality. It hits me like the crashing oceanic waves. Two other patients waking from their procedures, a typical Wednesday afternoon in the busy ER surgical. A young boy who’d been car surfing, head wrapped in bandages. Lying next to me. I heard about him through the hustle and bustle before I went back under. Prayers for his quick recovery. Another guy who just laid there and frowned. His foot bandaged and elevated like mine. But the pain in my head. Like the worst hangover I could remember to date. Had I been drinking before this place? I must have drank enough to fill the ocean! What can I remember, why am I in so much pain! Not a feeling in my feet, just this hammering on my scalp! What day is this I wonder? How did I get here? The nurse besides me reassured me it’s perfectly normal, as she hands me two pain relievers. I black out again, the last sight was her smile!

Pain immediately floods back in as I woke again. The next few hours it subsided and those next few days weren’t so bad. My sister sitting beside my bed the whole time. I try not to flirt with the beautiful nurses and aids who floated in like angles in disguise. One named Jasmine I specifically remember caught my eye. She had such a beautiful smile as she cared for me through my sleepless nights.

Two days later it was Friday the 13th. I had interviewed with the local news but they kept displacing my story. The rumor of this plague, this deadly virus. the dreaded corona virus: covid one-nine… I text the news man saying it was the perfect time, a great night to air this fallen falconer and knights tale. A perfect Friday the 13th story. A story straight from old about falconry and knights. The honor and chivalry that must be remembered. The power of will to stand together and never surrender.

The best part was they opened the 6 o’clock evening spot with a story of family, community, and calling for us to stand together against the virus. After a few basic updates from the governor and president they actually played a few stories of hope. There was a goose who was attacked by a raccoon and had his beak chewed up – as an act of good will for wildlife rehabilitation. A few college students had 3D printed him a new bill. Happiest goose in the Gaggle, now. I can’t recall the other two stories amongst the advertisements and ramble. Then by 6:45 I was starting to loose hope. My sister and friends had all left that morning Leaving me to recover alone.

When, at the very end of another long segment about the sickness plaguing the community, a short teaser about my pup and my survival story. Hope renewed, the next few minutes were the longest I’d waited. But the pain I was to endure that evening was almost not worth the 2 min story they allowed me in their station. The hope that my boy had seen my story and knew how hard I’d fought to get home to him was not lost. The news man, who initially delayed this story of hope, had at very last shared my paraglider crash survival story.

Paraglider crawls down mountain with two broken legs – True story, that’s me!

My story of salvation and hope. Where Christ had carried me. Reminding me of my struggle of pure determination, will power, faith, and fathers love. Telling the world how, I had been carried down the mountain by the Heavenly Father above!

The evening that followed, the nerve block wore off. I was taken back into the 13th century, back to my brothers, ancestors, grandfathers, knights. Back to the days when they to felt the flames, tied to the poles and fires lit. Literally being burned alive, to substantiate the fear of the unknown! The fire took so many innocent lives. The licking up their skin like knives. Those dark and dreadful nights! Faced with charges of hearacy and disloyalties, alike. The Pope and Bishops, accused. The Templar Knights of old, I was transported back to where they to made their final stand. When I finally woke, sweating cold, legs on fire, dreaming I was back strapped to that pire. An internal nightmare. Hospital bed, and monitors all around. But the Realest part was actually feeling the flames lick up my feet and legs. Burning sensations that would not end. As I lay helpless in that hospital bed. I passed out and was immediately transported back to that dreadful day in thirteen o’ seven. As if the purifying fires were sealing my joints. I pictured angles from heaven forging my ankles back together. My dreams went from agony and pain to blissful desire. Sirens and angels slid alongside my bed. Twisting around my legs. taking care of my every desire. I woke from the torment, pain, and ecstasy. Delirious from the dreams. The pain and loneliness immediately set in. Is this why I’m still here? To be tormented again? The human experience is all they whispered back again. As they formed shackles of golden lead, and fused them with light around my shattered legs.

This must be what it’s like for my brothers in flight. The day we capture them from the cold of night. I could only imagine what the knights of old had endured. What thoughts fly through the mind of the hawk when he is trapped! A small fraction of the pain they suffered. A small fraction of the fear they endured.

Then with wings folded so tight, I spotted from below, a mighty streak of light. With a flash of his sword the chains were broke and the voice of an angle swiftly spoke. You’re not suffering in vain, for you’ll soon be out of this pain. So much pain you’ve caused, with your reckless actions but now with these ankles of iron it will forge you in a new direction. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, for the truth of what you’re going through is found somewhere inside. The voice of what your ancestors endured. They didn’t die in vain, their tale lives on today! The battle of gods, of eagles and angels. History has passed on their lessons through these historical events.

Will you stay and be their servants? They asked me

Just don’t get caught slippin, thinking that you are here of your own free will. You were spared from the ravens and coyotes to help your fellow humans. The eagles and wolves will only suffer if you don’t start speaking to them in ways they will understand. I begged and pleaded him, to let me go home. To lend me his wings so I could be feather home. But the weight of the titanium anchored me here. If only I’d left before the surgery. If only I’d left before the cuff. Now crawling around on the ground and dust. I do not want this cup. But as I’ve been instructed, I will continue akin. For the Silent Knight is my choice my brother my right.

I delayed in this tale, and now the second earth quake has struck.

What will be brought with the 3rd Earthquake, will we survive the next waves 🌊?

These nights ahead are already filled with dread. The only hope I see is by fasting and prayer. As a community of believers we must pray and take precautions if we are to survive the next days/seasons without Revelation truly ushering in the final days!

Written and self published by Jeremy Pottenger

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