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The hazards of winter driving: Lessons from the Rockies 10 survival tips

I am a man of the north country, every year we have winter storms, those storms bring hazards on the roads and narrow mountain passes.

Mans quest to “Tame the Rockies” brings challenges and rewards. Traveling, exploring, delivering goods and services, has proven much ease in the modern age. However the west is still very wild. Every year unexpected persons venture into these mountains, only to realize they are grossly unprepared.

Icy rain, fierce winds, thick fog, stinging blizzards, not to mean the creatures.

Wildlife still roam these mountains. Every twisting Bend in the road presents a new hazard. With the mass exodus of people from the coastal lands. Their modern wagons, although better equipped to handle the rugged terrain. Inexperience still remains.

We, men of the north country know, the rules of the land. The routes to travel and those to avoid. But these “Silicone folks” aren’t as smart as they think. And just like the 1800’s “starving pilgrims” are migrating by the thousands. Taxing our emergency services and risking the lives of those who’ve called these mountains home for decades.

So I’ve decided to try and give you some tips on how to safe passage through these lands.

  •  Check the weather report before deciding to leave your home, town, or valley.
  • Slow down! Your vehicle can only be controlled at manageable speeds.
  •  Be Prepared, have extra fuel, food, water!
  •  Bring extra winter clothing, blankets and bedding in case you’re stranded.
  • Have a plan. Tell someone where you’re going, when you’re expected to arrive, and the route you’re taking. Carry a Spot or Inreach with you as you journey!
  • Stick to the plan! If you’re detoured or the path is blocked, turn around and go home if safely possible.
  • If there’s a problem, stay calm and pray! As my sense says, “Safety lies in peace, not fear!” God knows what you need, as he does the birds of the air or the fish in the sea. “You are worth many sparrows!”
  • Don’t leave your vehicle. Help will come eventually. Your car is a shelter! It has insulation, warmth, and protection from predators. It is a much easier target for Search and Rescue to locate than a human lost wandering around the woods.
  • Stay calm, once fear enters the mind, the heart rate gets elevated, adrenaline kicks in, and your anxiety takes over. Don’t let this be your last moments on earth.
  • It’s ok to arrive late. The Peruvian bus drivers have been quoted in saying, “It’s better to arrive late in this life, than early in the next!”

In conclusion, I hope these Travel tips can help you along your journey in surviving the winter.

If you’re interested in more information feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try and respond quickly. Remember 911 is you’re friend!! Please pray and pay for our EMS providers, they’re doing the best they can!

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