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“Though I am perplexed” pslm 3:6

I will not fear, because the Lord is living and alive and well in this day and age.

Many times in my youth, did I doubt. Many times in my years did I wonder, what it was that I was called here to do.

The battles are raging, lines have been drawn in the sand, people say, “either you’re with us, or you’re against us!”

After years of searching these hills, fighting, cleaning, motivating, and trying to set an example for others to follow. The more I fight, the more I argue, the more I realized that it’s just part of this Life. Humans have been bred to fight. “In this life we will have troubles.” (John 16:33) Living for the Kingdom means loving more and fighting less. Trusting God to handle our troubles. Not living in a spirit of fear, but one of Peace.

Fear is at the center of our primal brain. It is there to protect us from dangerous actions, dangerous creatures, and dangerous circumstances that might take away our lives.

That’s why we built forts, walls, moats, and defenses. But Creator has told us many times, “Do Not Fear!” So I will not fear, for thou aren’t with me! (pslm 23:4)

So what is it that I fear? Knowing that the Creator of the universe has our backs? He says “do not fear those who can destroy your body, nor those who can take away your livelihood.” Fear those who destroy your soul, your future in everlasting freedom. Our future life, where there is no pain, suffering, envy, grief, or spite. What is it I fear? I fear those who can destroy mind, body, and soul.

Having lived the last 15 years with long term disabilities, having been torn, beaten, broken, and left alone to crawl out of the muck I made of my own life. Many times. All I can say is thank God, Creator lives! (Please read Romans 12:1)

Thank Goodness Jesus came to experience this life for himself. For if he ⬆️ can live this life, and over come these troubles. By Grace, so can we. Accept the free gift of Salvation (John 3:16) and remain in him who strengthens us!

“Fear not for I have overcome the world!”

Thanks for reading. ~Jerfalcon~

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