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The EcoFrontlines – Utah Desert – Edge of the Salt Sea

The storm has been raging,
the links in my armor, superficial.
The harder I fight, the bigger the gap!

My body badly broken, my mind weakening, my heart says go, the body says no.

Heart pumping, mind raging, back to the fray we go, into the pit of hell & despair, to raise the battle flag once more.

My team & I barely able to stand, let alone wing against the storm. The strength of the swarm overwhelming. Each of my feathered friends fighting for their lives to stay aloft.

What decision has the fates for us here?

Crushed by dozers, buried in the mud and muck, or snatched away by the eagles talons?

There is no glory to die in this place. Where fevers and radioactive waste abound.

Have we been abandoned? Where are you Heavenly Father? Where is your help in this battle?

There is no life in this place. No holiness. Only death, rot, and despair. Even the ravens have fallen victim here. 10,000 white winged gulls ravage every swipe of the dozers blade. My falcons are powerless against the swarm. My broken legs barely able to navigate the debris.

Will we die alone, fighting a war no one knows. While the gulls carry the sickness out with them

Do we return to the safety of the groomed and watered lawns of “civilization” that creates this war. Only to bury our heads under our wings, pray and wish for the change? #seperateyourwaste #compostingmatters #dontfeedthewildlife #reducereuserecycle

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