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Harmony Together

Insults fly like razor edged snowflakes,

Words cut deeper than the deepest freeze.

Feelings well up like massive clouds,

much like a storm cloud,

without an even release,

the razors fly like flurries in the sky.

Words are weapons that destroy the heart,

silence is a slow, torturous freeze.

Better to die by avalanche,

than the cold winters night alone.

If only we could stay warm,

through the harshest of storms.

Each needs the other to survive,

yet together is as foreign as the river.

Fast, intimidating, can drown you without care.

It’s not the flow that kills,

but the eddies, rocks, n falls.

Together is like a well built canoe,

paddling together we float.

Past the eddies, over the whirlpools,

around the rocks, over the falls.

Alone we struggle, tire, drown.

Harmony together can weather any storm.

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