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The Gyrfalcon, Bird of Peace, pleas and prayers for Ukraine

Throughout the Middle Ages the Gyrfalcon has always been revered as the bird of Kings.

Reserved only for the most stately of officials. Peasants like me were not allowed to keep or train these magnificent creatures.

All White, Grey, or Charcoal Black falcons that live and breed in the Arctic realms. Their size, power, and beauty keep them in the highest regard. Gyrfalcons being the Largest falcons in the world, have the size and strength to take down the largest of quarries.

Their size and strength doesn’t come without a cost. Being natives to the Arctic, their immune systems aren’t evolved to handle the microbes and disease that inhabit warmer climates or lower longitudes. Making them an ideal hunting companion for the Northern Kings.

As such their rarity, makes them very valuable to the Nobels of ancient and modern times.

The Kings of old would pay very handsomely for such creatures. In the modern world. The Sheiks of Saudi Arabia still appreciate these creatures. Willing to pay their weight in gold, for even one of these birds. However, I wonder if the sediment is lost on the other Presidents, or King’s of the northern realms. Is there a possibility of a peaceful resolution in the face of WWIII?

In ancient days, the nobels would convene and agree upon a ransom of two White Gyrfalcons, and a Chest of Gold to avoid an armed conflict or invasion. With Ukraines pleas for NATO support in their defense growing louder. I wonder, “would the Kremlin accept a resolution similar to that of old?”

Is the world so hell bent on destruction and battle that we are beyond diplomatic negotiations in these end of days?

I have two Hybrid Gyrfalcons aka poor man’s Gyr’s. I would offer them to the “King of Russia” to appease his conquest, and avoid further bloodshed!

My thoughts, hopes, and prayers go out to the peoples of Europe, and especially the Braves of Ukraine!

Written by Jeremy Pottenger, Master falconer, NREMT

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