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Earth Quake proof pipe lines – thoughts about the Global Energy Crisis

With the global energy demand about to hit an all time high. “Crisis” and talk of mass oil shortages… more production is on the lips of everyone.

But what safety measures is the oil and gas industry willing to implement; to prevent another Alaska, Gulf oil spill, or Michigan pipeline break?

Water is life my friends!

Are the engineers working on reducing the risk of “Mother Nature” throwing a Tsunami or Earthquake at them to prevent another meltdown??

All rivers flow downstream!

I was there, on South Padre Isle of Texas, when the Chevron leak happened in 2010! I saw all the massive destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, after those millions of gallons of oil; leaked into and swirled around the Gulf! It blackened the sea and beach’s, choking out the light, and killing the sea life into 2011! What security measures are the energy tycoons taking to ensure there’s not yet another Engineering disaster like the “Red Tide”, Chernobyl, Russia or Fukushima, Japan?

My perspective is I’ve beta tested some of the new “green energy” products, this movement is claiming as “viable alternatives”. Personally, I purchased multiple sets of Solar Panels and battery banks to hold a charge. Most of those panels “burned out” within 3-5 years. (Amazon purchases = 🗑) The lithium batteries stop holding a charge after 2-3 years!

Wind Turbines are faulty and very destructive to the “Bird Tribe” aka creatures of the sky. (There is rumor that painting one of the blades black helps reduce bird strikes, but what about the millions of bats?)

We need alternatives to the global energy demand, but cannot afford to keep POISIONING the earth, water, and sky just to keep the lights on. We certainly can’t go back to harvesting whale oil, but how can we ensure we don’t destroy the gifts The Creator gave to us with this earth that we call home?

The First Nations People, used the body as an example to build the cedar canoe. The ribs proved the strength and structure. While the muscles and sinus, provide flexibility. The skin provides multiple layers of protection from the elemental attacks. The vessels transport the blood and nutrients to the various organs.

What if we created pipelines that had the strength and flexibility of a blood vessel? Why do our scientists and engineers not use more examples from the natural world in their designs?

There is still time! If we want to help protect our planet and “keep the lights on”, why don’t we use the examples from the creatures and trees?

Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest!” Matt 11:28 “I will be a spring of living water!” Jeremiah 2:13

If we are to survive this crisis, why do we keep building our house on sands and broken cisterns!?!

Maybe they should design it to function like they’re leader the Dragon, pit of vipers they are!

Written from the road 2022

Jerfalcon MF, NREMT


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