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Can you say, “it is well with my soul?” 10 ways to stay in good spirits this winter

By Jerfalcon
Waking up to the sunshine and morning frost, the signs of the freezing temps glisten on the lawn. The sun hasn’t even touched the valley, darkness is settled in. First light is always the coldest. Still goodness, warmth, and life, thrives inside. The fire is so nice. Despite the fact that heating oil is double. I have faith that it will be affordable. Yeah, the times are troubling, but that just needs more trusting.

These days are shorter, but I read recently that, “The trees loose there leaves every fall, yet they stand tall!”

Winter is here in the Rockies and Great plains surrounding. But the animals don’t stress because the cold weather has forced them out of the forest. They continue their searches.

Everyday is a chance to be better, stronger, work harder. The truth is still ringing in the ear.

Do not fear! Have courage saints, these might be nearing the end of times. “Have joy in your time of waiting”

Are you afraid of the future? The Lord, Creator of the universe says, “My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts!” We must have trust. My friend Lee @vanningaintnojoke has a sticker that reminds “the future is the future” –

So why live in fear? Here’s some tips on how to keep your soul at peace.

  • You gotta have faith, my friends. Yahweh is still working on it! Emanuel means: He is with us.
  • Don’t stress, anxiety releases cortisol a very harmful hormone that causes many terrible diseases.
  • Stay warm, build a fire or cuddle up with a loved one.
  • Meditate, listen to that still small voice. Creator is always there to talk with.
  • Start a new workout routine. We are participating in the 3,000 push-ups in 30 days. (I am going to push for 10,000 in 90)
  • Turn off the tv and read. Don’t let the news and media scare you into a frenzy.
  • Journal, write new goals. Do you have a written plan for what you’d like to do today, tomorrow, next year?
  • Use this time to rest and recover. Study and learn about Jesus, our savior. His love and grace for each of us!
  • Learn a new skill that can benefit your community. Practice your new trade.
  • Finally pray.
  • Are you still frustrated about the waiting for spring? Do you prefer the rain, sun, or snow?

We in the north don’t mind the cold, it keeps us moving. Keeps us motivated and enthusiastic about the future. If you can’t stand the frost, we certainly won’t discourage you from moving. The cold air is heavy, but the warmth of a southern wind is calling.

Is there a destination you’d like to vacation?

You are not a tree, but I encourage you to keep your roots planted in the faith, love, and the goodness of the one who created you with a purpose.

Thanks for reading. More Jerfalcon adventures on YouTube, Instagram, & Ticktok to come.

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