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Why did I become an EMT?

One man’s quest to why!

Did I become an Emergency Medical Tech, because I wanted to serve my fellow man? Or because I was desperate to find a new job, or something like a righteous calling?

Well if I’m being honest it was none of those.

Originally I paid the fees and joined the academy so that I could better aid my fellow pilot friends, if or when their time of need arose. But as I began my studies, I realized it’s something much deeper than that. The more I study other peoples emergencies, the more I realize I’m gaining a better understanding of my own life’s emergencies. Gaining empathy for all of our journeys.

“All of my mistakes, moving through my story, God use it for your glory!” ~Unspoken ~

We all have bad days, bad weeks, and bad moments that we endure. Studying how to help others in their times of crisis is helping me through my own! As we have all, at times lost our way. We need others to help lift us up out of the pit of despair. That pit, that will keep you down.

As a person now operating part time in the medical field I’m seeing how much value just having someone there to offer a hand, a voice, a different perspective during your own ordeals is!!

“A light in the darkest day!” A friend who can just sit with another, is that light! It’s not about what you know, or what advise you give. It’s about just being “present & pleasant!”

Everyone’s chaos is different. We all have a story about how we’ve gotten to where we are.

Some days, are certainly worse than others. So I won’t be telling you to “suck it up buttercup” because you really could be at the end of your rope. But what I want to tell you is no matter how many times life knocks you down! As long as there’s breath in your lungs, that steady drum of your heart in your ears, and light shining into your eyes. There’s hope!

The Creator who made you says, “Come to me ALL who are weary and I will give you rest!”

He is the great physician! We are just his “hands and feet!”

We as medical technicians are just aids. A helper, to keep that heart rate steady, oxygen flowing freely, and to help give them time.

The rest is up to the individual and his/her Creator to keep that fight alive, inside of them. Heaven is waiting to welcome you home if it’s your time. But if it’s not, please don’t give up!

There’s something you’ve gotta do before you return to the spirit world. We are just trying to give you that opportunity, a second chance if you will. Paul tells us that “Neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor demons can separate us from the Love of Christ!” Romans 8:38 (I encourage you to read it for yourself)

So again if you’re questioning wether to enter this fight, continuing to weather the storms of others chaos, or you’re going through your own storms. Please allow me to use my own personal accounts to encourage you to stand strong! (Continue following on Jerfalcon Adventures)

My legs are not as mighty as they once were, but my heart is still beating, my lungs are still breathing, and my mind is still set on helping.

Helping you to see even a tiny glimmer of Hope!

If you’re in the Medical, LE, Fire, or Military services. Thank you for your service! This guy really appreciates you for what you do!

My prayers are with you!

Your friend,


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